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  • Thank God for pedantic English majors. Y'all keep my emails and docs readable!!
  • Love this App works real well !!
  • This add-on makes my life easier.
  • Used to love this addon but its just pissing me off now, for months it has exhibited behavour on certain sites where I go to edit a word in pragraph 1, and rather then fixing said word Grammerly overwrites what I have in paragraph 2.

    This behavour has made it extremely frustrating to use. Don't think I will have it installed much lnger unless this is fixed ASAP because im at my wits end with it.
  • Thanks so much.
  • Great, I recommend it to everyone.
  • it drag my browser slowly
  • As someone who's terrible with grammar and spelling, this extension is a godsend. Sometimes it gets confused and tries to fix something it shouldn't but it usually works and when it suggests something it doesn't need to it's easy to deny or just ignore.
  • oh my funkyness i become a F-R-E-A-K-H-U-S-T-L-E-R-
  • It would be a great add-on if there was a way to only spell check upon request (click on the icon). Sorry but I don't feel comfortable having everything I type sent over the internet.
  • How can this add-on be recommended? Privacy should be the most important thing here, as we type very private stuff inside the browser everyday, but:
    "We may also use this data...automatically collect..log data and usage information...We may share...with our third-party...as otherwise legally permitted..."
    "We only sell it without your name/ only meta-data"? - Yeah, but after three sentences any cheap AI can find the one in 7 Billion, who writes like that.