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  • There is some bug related to https://www.sciencedirect.com website. Everytime I visit it I am forced to disable Grammarly add-on, because of a message saying that the add-on is slowing down the website and because of a dramatical increase of the CPU load. Please fix this.
  • Sadly the lately the plug-in isn't working well.

    Login does not work :(
  • Even with premium, this plugin just states "Grammarly is active, but key features are missing". Logging in, restarting Firefox, re-installing the addon all do nothing to help.
  • It usually works, but recently, it started to say I needed to login when I already did.
  • Firefox and Grammarly are not a good marriage. I am going back to Chrome, it is better, works with no issues. Firefox is missing features. To see the mistakes I need to click and get a new window, while in Chrome it is fluently showing me the first level of errors.
  • I kept signing in this dumb Grammarly, but it keeps making me sign in over and over again and it couldn't work properly.
  • I loved it on the desktop but it doesn't work on Firefox for Android