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  • AWESOME ! Firefox sounds to secure privacy far more over than FB ! Thanks and congratulations to Mozilla
  • Insomnia and die.
    My laptop using Windows10 was unable to go to sleep mode when this extension is installed. It spend very long time in black screen while the hard disk activity light blink occasionally and finally yield exhausting shutdown instead.
    When I start my laptop again from this unusual condition, it starts with default theme not my custom settings and when I logged in, my desktop icon has messed up and all of my previous opened apps are gone.
    When I uninstall this extension, I'm able to go to sleep mode and wake up to continue my works normally as it used to be.
    Please inspect and correct if this could be an issue. I'm agree it would be smart to know what web is stealing our privacy. And I would like this extension to be more versatile for more web detection other than FB in the future.

    For a long time, Leaking and menacing on TRUST, i can't help nothing to do.
  • Privacy is one of the main reasons to use Firefox, and Facebook Container is one of the main private features of the browser. But today Facebook Container works wrong if you also use Side View. So if you want to use Firefox for Instagram, it could be a serious problem for you.
  • awsome
  • I tried to add it. When I clicked the "Add to Firefox" button this pop up appeared, "Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt.". It appears the FB IT folks (FB is owned by the NSA, CIA or FBI Spooks) torpedoed your attempt to block them. Nah, I'm just being paranoid again, they wouldn't do that :-(.
  • I'll give it 5 stars before I even use it. Anything to stop these peeping Toms. F*ck Fakebook.