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  • Very dissapointed. Its hiding everytime i try to copy somenthing.
    Didnt work on some url.
    No possibility to customize input fields.
    Keepass has far better funcionality.
  • Possibly the best password manager around, but it is not without its (minor) flaws.

    First, implement a 'recycling bin' feature so users can recover accidentally deleted entries. This would be greatly improve usability, so users do not have to rely on a backup (if they even made one) to recover their lost entries.

    Second, implementing most, if not all, essential settings (such as settings concerning account security) within the various apps would be nice to have, rather than redirecting to the web vault every time a user wants to change these settings from said apps.

    Lastly, there seems to be a problem with the Firefox extension for Windows 8.1, where the setting 'Unlock with PIN' does not work. This results in having the user to enter their master password to unlock their vault, even if they had selected said option previously (and unchecked 'Lock with master password on browser restart').

    Please consider addressing these flaws as it would definitely be a much better experience for all users.
  • It just works, is pleasant to use, and is open source. (Also self-hostable, encrypted, no-ads, and straightforward pricing for premium features if that's what you want – I don't use any premium features though!)
  • Including a drag and drop of logins into folder would be useful and more intuitive.
  • Indispensable gestionnaire de mots de passe.
    Il m'est indispensable :-)
  • Great open source password manager!
  • very very good it is a amazing device
  • Simply the best password manager, most secure and light on resources