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  • Outstanding app. It's the only one I operate that's "not recommended" by Mozilla. I can perform countless operations directly from the browser without jumping to the client application. I highly recommend it.
  • I love 1Password and it is a great extension. The only complaint I have is no support for Touch ID on Mac

    **Update: If you download the Firefox extension directly from 1Password you can use TouchID. Only caveat is that it requires the desktop app as well. But it makes life much easier for me.
  • This extension changed my life
  • Can't figure out how to force sync. I can see all my passwords in desktop, but only 1 or 2 show up in the extension.
  • It's been an extremely frustrating first two days with 1Password in general and much of the issue is these browser extensions. Unable to figure out how to change my original (weak) passwords using 1Password on my phone I figured I do it on my laptop. But neither Chrome nor FIrefox extensions work...well, worked once or twice but not the last, oh, 15 or so times I've tried. And I've tried changing passwords on a variety of sites, uninstalled/reinstalled the addons a few times, rebooted, etc. Not sure I'll be a 1Password customer by the end of the trial period...
  • Love it! Been a 1password user for years.
  • The latest version hugely improved performances
    A must have! Awesome extension.