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  • It's been an extremely frustrating first two days with 1Password in general and much of the issue is these browser extensions. Unable to figure out how to change my original (weak) passwords using 1Password on my phone I figured I do it on my laptop. But neither Chrome nor FIrefox extensions work...well, worked once or twice but not the last, oh, 15 or so times I've tried. And I've tried changing passwords on a variety of sites, uninstalled/reinstalled the addons a few times, rebooted, etc. Not sure I'll be a 1Password customer by the end of the trial period...
  • Love it! Been a 1password user for years.
  • The latest version hugely improved performances
    A must have! Awesome extension.
  • I've been a user of 1Password for close to a decade now. I was so happy that they made 1Password X for Firefox. I had previously used their browser extensions on Mac and Windows and I knew the integration is stellar. 1Password X did not disappoint. It helps me create unique, strong passwords for every site, auto-fills my credentials upon asking me (without any significant number of false positives, which is exceptionally rare among password managers) and even handles the 6-digit TOTP TFA codes for me. When I had a technical question about the encryption used its developers were more than happy to address it than waving me off or giving me a market-drone reply. That was impressive and what truly sold me; you get to talk to the developers if you have a problem, not some script-reading, underpaid kid packed in a sardine can sized cube halfway across the world. But I digress. The features of 1Password X are well worth the small annual fee, especially if you go for their family plan.
  • I would love to edit items in the addon and not have to open another page. But otherwise 100% excellent addon.
  • Terrible experience. When I try to make 1Password to suggest a password in a password field, Firefox becomes unusable. Not just the current tab but any tab. 1Password doesn't respond at all and I have to disable and enable 1Password so that I can at least use Firefox again.