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Информация о разработчике
Имя graciliano
Пользователь с March 5, 2007
Число разработанных дополнений 2 дополнения
Средний рейтинг дополнений разработчика Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Созданные мной дополнения

Simple White X Требуется перезапуск

Paint your Firefox white. Make it look simpler, nicer.
(extended support)

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд (72)
4 009 пользователей

Phoenity Thunderbird Требуется перезапуск

A simple and colourful theme for...

Рейтинг 4 из 5 звёзд (10)
1 пользователь

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YouTube™ Downloader Lite

¡Actualizado! Updated! Aktualisiert! 更新 تحديث Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Das ist sehr gut!

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (0.1.7). 

Deadpool Emblem

Dark Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

The general dark background is nice on its own. The logo adds a nice touch that makes it entertaining, yet it is not distracting.

Unshamed Orange

Nicely done Рейтинг 4 из 5 звёзд

This light theme has an intricate pattern that could make elements, such as text, to recognize. However the image is keeps its colors within a small range of dark tones and hue. This makes a beautiful complex design that is not distracting.

Soft Denim

Nice dress for Firefox Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

A pleasing non-distracting design. Almost a cool relaxing flat blue sky, but with a tight pattern that gives texture so it is not boring and makes it approachable. This is for perfect for those of us who prefer to wear jeans most of the time.

Black Shine

Great Complement! Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

It fits beautifully in my toolbox and causes no distraction. I combined this light theme my own complete theme and it looks terrific! It could not have a more appropriate name because that is what it added to my setting.

To Bring A Snow

Soft Winter Spirit Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Beautiful artwork in a soft design does not affect the buttons or the text. It brings a calm feeling especially for those in the east coast in of North America where the first winter storm just came as the theme was published.

Persona Switcher

Excellent: It Extends Themes Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

This add-on allows to combine full (heavy-weigth) themes with personas (light-weight themes). This is done by selecting a persona through its button without changing the theme in the Add-ons page. This makes it an excellent customization tool.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения ( 


Great extension, good support. Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Keeping up with the changes in Firefox is a challenge to developers and maintaining compatibility with Nightly can easily become an issue. It can take some time to adjust to changes in Nightly. But a solution to the latest incompatibility with Nightly is already in the project area so a release with it should arrive soon.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (2.0.4).  Этот пользователь ранее оставил 1 отзыв на это дополнение.

S3.Google Переводчик

Fantastic Support! Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

This is currently the best translator tool listed at AMO. When there was a problem with it, the solution came expedited. The author definitively does a fine job keeping it current.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (5.16).  Этот пользователь ранее оставил 1 отзыв на это дополнение.

S3.Google Переводчик

It used to be very good, it should be fixed soon. Рейтинг 4 из 5 звёзд

I preferred another extension because it had a smaller interface, but it is not listed anymore at A.M.O. This was the best alternative I found. But I upgraded Firefox to version 43 "smooth scrolling" stopped working properly until I disabled this extension. Reading recent reviews made me realize an update is due. I have to wait and see who this extension impacts Firefox's performance after it is updated.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (5.15). 


This Injects Ads? No! It's a malady that affects all ad blockers Рейтинг 4 из 5 звёзд

The problem cited by bensabah is shared by any(?) ad-blocking software that uses the Easylist! What bensabah found is likely to be an anti-ad-blocking software strategy, and that should be reported to those maintaining the Easylist.
Websites can find strategies to force you to see ads or restrict their contents otherwise, the same way that users may want to block the ads.
This add-on is OK and includes no white-list.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения ( 


A Gateway to a Set of Customizations of Everything On Firefox Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

As described, it provides tools for customizing not only web pages, but the browser (Firefox) itself. The site userstyles.org has many styles already made that can make the way you experience Firefox to the way you like. For instance, I found a great style to change the default homepage to have a custom background and show no logo (my background is the picture of a beautiful Fox). I also customized my new tab page to show the page tiles with a 16x9 aspect instead of 4x3. I found styles that will hide ads on some of my frequently visited web pages and make them more tidy. I also made one of my own for such purpose.
I disagree criley's argument for stating the Firefox version is inferior to the Chrome version. A single style document (css) can have many sections to affect different URLs in different ways. In the Chrome version the sections for different URLs are separated into different sub-documents. Indeed, if you write a style with the Chrome version, you will need to convert the style into the Firefox single document format before publishing it. That other implementation ads a level of abstraction, but little is gained from it. Yet there is one point were the Chrome implementation is better: Error checking in the Chrome version is better. But that version lacks the automatic word completion you get in the Firefox version. I think the best version is whichever matches the browser you like, and Firefox definitively renders my web pages more beautiful than the alternatives.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения ( 

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin turns! Congratulations! (this is for the release candidate) Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

I tried Adblock Plus for about one (1) minute. I realized immediately it did half of what I expected and could mess up some web pages. Adblock Edge was excellent for a while, but it followed the development of Adblock Plus too closely. For good reason its developer decided to tell its users to migrate to uBlock.* But when I tried uBlock it lacked of the control I wanted. I found that and more in uBlock Origin. For instance, I can easily disable cosmetic filtering for individual web sites.** Yet there is more, uBlockₒ has improved going beyond rules for filtering web pages to incorporate privacy controls such as "Disable hyperlink auditing/beacon." By combining it with some 3rd-party filter lists, I think of it as my first line of defence against malware.
I was expecting the next release to be But it has been a year since gorhill first released uBlock So uBlockₒ has grown to become (release candidate zero the twelfth day of July of the year two thousand fifteen, a.c.)!
*This happened about the time when the development of uBlock was split in two branches. Now it is clear adstomper tells to migrate to uBlockₒ.
**I know it can be done with Adblock Plus filter rules, but it is so much simpler with uBlockₒ.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения ( 

Download Flash and Video

Kudos! Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Version 1.72.1-signed fixed the problem introduced in version 1.71. I think everyone can update now to the latest version. There is no need to prevent automatic updates unless you are more paranoid than I ;) I keep a top score for this very useful extension. I hope people who gave it a low score for the snafu with v 1.71 will now upgrade their rating, I always though this add-on deserves a good score.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (1.72.1-signed).