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  • 5 stars because it's a great extension. BUT, a couple days ago it stopped being able to login to gmail and needs to be fixed. Hopefully we won't have to wait long!

    Some people recommend to use X-notifier NEO instead. I do not like the NEO version because you have to login manually and can't just manage your email accounts from settings. And I hate the email previews, which you can not disable.
  • gmail - снова/опять не проверяет почту.
  • Microsoft account support seems to be broken again.
    Can you please fix?
  • It says it supports IMAP...it doesn't!
  • Used this for years for Hotmail/Outlook.com, but i have a problem now. No notifications for Spam anymore, could you fix that? But very good addon.
  • I've used this for YEARS.... though sadly it doesn't work anymore for Yahoo. When I try to check, I receive a notice that I'm signing in on my 2fa. No matter if I allow the sign in or not, the notifier doesn't connect.
    It works fine, however, with Yahoo accounts that do not use 2fa, only a u/p.
  • app stopped working 6 months ago only shows notifications to last email account opened all the other email account do not show (all accounts are are with outlook.com ) support has not responded in 2 weeks
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  • Very userful and I appreciate it very much :-)