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  • I'm a paying customer but it's just not reliable. Sometimes it will just say no server is available at all or just won't start.
  • Tried this add on because my desktop app (lifetime subscription) won't work Worked for a few days and now won't connect to any server.
  • Ещё одни наглецы, требующие регистрации через почту
  • No work! No register!
  • عالی
  • Can't install the extension or login to
  • Trial 7 days then paid only
  • superrr
  • Sorry, but why this add-on should require any permissions other than "Control browser proxy settings"? And it requires a lot of other permissions. This add-on could be a great tool to easily switch on and of proxy but it seems like a huge security hole instead. I'll better just use VPN without this add-on.
  • It is working fine (Firefox for Mac): fast, lots of servers, specialized servers.
    WebRTC Prevention included.
    Sometimes got a connections error, this usually happens after a Firefox update. Solution: logout and login again or reinstall the add-on

    A "Favorite Servers" menu like in the Desktop Application

    Yes it is a paid service. You can buy a Lifetime Subscription here: http://bit.ly/2GkBzbu