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  • Avec L'age, on perd beaucoup de concentration et la pub nous agaces plus quelle nous sert ! Merci ublock.....

  • Est-il possible de facilement bloquer les carrousel ; voir par défaut pouvoir les considérer comme une pollution publicitaire ?

  • Great. Lite,fast,works. I love it!

  • It's more effective than ABP.

  • The best blocker I've ever used. It's great for those who need something working out of the box AND for "power users" (i.e., people who want more blocking control -> see advanced settings when you install).

    If you're a developer and know JavaScript, check out the repo at https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock#ublock-origin. Again, excellent blocker!

  • Everything that a adblocker should be.

  • When ADB was bad, this saved everyone.

  • The most consistently ad blocking extension I've used. No bothersome pop-ups. Really a++

  • Très efficace ;-)

  • Good, but not block video ads. "Avira safety browser" good blocked video ads.

  • Confiável, simples e eficaz.

  • With this addon my FF working faster then with others adBlocker. And it's working fine everywhere

  • Блокирует всю ерунду, что лезет из Яндекса

  • No longer works the way it used to :(

  • Impressive, solid, fast.

  • It works.

  • Precise, customizable, open-source; What more could you ask for?

  • Le top !

  • cool ad blocker
    must have

  • uBlock Origin does what I need an adblocker to do. It blocks pesky ads and doesn't slow down my browser or my computer while it's doing its job. Bravo on a great add-on. Thanks to all concerned.


  • Great performance BUT....this addon is natively blocking various innocent CDN providers EVEN WITH all filters disabled (and even with the CDN domains being whitelisted too). That's a major problem with this atm. I literally have to disable the addon just to see such content which should never be blocked under any circumstance, so this is a showstopper for me.

  • Всё замечательно, но в последнее время очень стал зависеть от фильтра RUS: Adguard Russian Filter который стал блокировать некоторые сайты целиком (шапки), что приводит к не отображению ресурса как такового. Если выключить данный фильтр, то на многих ресурсах появляется реклама и RU AdList с этой рекламой не справляется, что печалит. Исправьте пожалуйста, а то приходится ставить доп.фильтры и стили.

  • Nice adblocker, recommend

  • Simply the best wide spectrum blocker for Firefox.