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  • Setting GUI problem with FF69.0b11.
    all "Actions for URI text" items are unchecked.
    when I check "Double-click" or "Enter key", [Alt, Ctrl, Shift] items are still gray and not working and not remembered.
    So,I have to set it in debug mode.
  • Works perfect. Thank you!
  • good job, but miss all url params.
  • 1. Context menus are invisible in latest firefox

    2. How to open "hxxps://www.google.com" to "https://www.google.com" just by single mouse1 click?
  • これはfirefoxを入れたらまず入れるべきアドオンのうちの1つだ
  • This is useful addon, but there really should be some option to disable it on particular site. Before it just slowed twitter to crawl, now it just crashes whole tab with it and sometimes whole browser. I had no other choice but disable this extension altogether.
  • Not working with latest Firefox 60.5
  • works and is feature filled. Best text link add on right now.
  • Not working with latest Thunderbird 60.5
  • It's ok, but please can you implement the possibility to load a URI as ?
    And I'd prefer the links are marked as an old extension (Linkification) did. Anyway thanks for your efforts.
  • It's a great addon but since few weeks (probably Firefox 65 beta or even earlier) it's started causing stuttering sound in YT live streams with many comments. From the beginning there was also a problem with sites with many comments (warning on top of the site and browser slowdowns).
  • It works great and is in my list of must-have extensions every time I have to reinstall firefox. My only gripe with it is that it imposes a fairly big performance hit on websites with a lot of text content, especially social media sites. Facebook becomes nearly unusable if you scroll for a few minutes straight. If only there's a way to disable extensions on a site-to-site basis, but AFAIK it's a limitation with Firefox not the extension dev.