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  • I am very hopeful that this will replace my old Tab Groups extension, but I'm waiting on some updates that I'm hoping get added soon:
    1. Please put in a shortcut to switch tabs. Having to click on the icon and select the things is only a small step up from just having multiple windows.
    2. It is proving to be really problematic that switching tab groups currently closes and opens all your tabs. Firstly because having to load every tab in a group every time you switch to it is problematic, but more pressingly, every time I use ctrl+shift+t, it starts opening duplicate tabs from other tab groups instead of actual tabs I closed and am trying to get to.
    3. It's too late for me, but when I switched to this, my previous tab groups from before the update got completely obliterated. This has basically scattered all my work I have with various sites I've been monitering and projects I had open and quite frankly sucks a lot. Hopefully you're able to get this fixed so new people who switch over don't have the same issue.

    I understand that this is still being worked on and thank you very much for making this. This was just the closest thing I could find to giving feedback.
    Thanks for your feedback:
    1. Shortcuts added in v0.3
    2. I know, I have no solution now. (Fix will arrive in FF58)
    a. However, in FF58, it will be possible to open unloaded tabs. I hope it will make switching group lighter and faster.
    b. For opening previously closed tabs, you might search an extension that makes an history of closed tabs, so that you can find again older closed tabs.
  • It is necessary that the tabs do not reboot when you change the group.
    FF is currently studying to bring this feature back. A first improvement will normally arrive with FF 58 in January. Open tabs could stay in an unloaded state until you click on it.
  • It change pinned tabs, i need pinned tabs in all groups unchanged.
    Hi, Uncheck "synchronize pinned tabs" in setting. You will retrieve the behavior of Tab Groups for pinned tabs.
  • The best tab group plugin compatible with FF 57, and under very active development.
  • I was real happy to see it saved my Tab Groups tabs, then when I double-clicked to get into the group it promptly deleted every single one of them again (note: it did NOT delete the group), irretrievably. That sucked.

    I'm sure the extension is great and all, but that killed it for me. Not using it anymore.
    Sorry, I don't understand what happened to you. Just a note: Tab Groups and groups from this extension are completely different.
  • pros: Tabs from Tab Groups were saved, in one group though
    cons: Need to get rid of the auto-creation of new groups, only at the user's choice
    Since v0.2.1, you can get rid of the auto-creation of new groups
  • Not bad, but need to improve. For example: I have one group with music playing, then switch to other group, and music in the previous group stop playing.
    1. Uncheck "synchronize pinned tabs" in setting.
    2. Then, pins the tab with the music.
    The tab won't be closed and will stay in the window.
  • Not nearly as elegant as the former tab groups. Does not have the same visual impact or the simplicity of drop and drag. So far Firefox Quantum has been a bust.
    This extension have not the ability for retrieving the exact behavior of Tab Groups, sorry. However, it is under active development. And many features have been added.
  • Oh, I want my Tab Groups back :(
    I can't wait for ages to load all of my pages... That's really annoying... This unexpected Firefox update litterally took my whole day away and due to trying to find new alternatives for tab groups I lost most of my work...
    FF58 will add a feature to open discarded tab (not loaded). Also, we all expect the developers are going to bring the API back. I am sorry if you lost your work, but my extension is for nothing.
  • QUOTE: Indeed the replacement for Tab Groups I was looking for!
    Only one "small" problem I noticed: changing groups makes browser load all tabs from that group... Those 250+ tabs took a sweet time to load :)
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    por Samsa, hace 20 horas

    In FF58 (January), it will be possible to open unloaded tabs. This feature will be a great improvement. :)
  • Quiet nice since Tabgroups doesn't work anymore. But anytime I open a new window it automatically creates a new group. Even if i browse in a private window. Please fix this fast!
    You can unsync private windows: see extension settings.
    In option, you can choose to not sync automatically new windows.
  • Indeed the replacement for Tab Groups I was looking for!
    Only one "small" problem I noticed: changing groups makes browser load all tabs from that group... Those 250+ tabs took a sweet time to load :)
  • Great extension (Mozilla let comments titles, please)
    Thank so much for your clone of Simplified Tab Groups! I'm very fan of this feature. You have just to improve the font and top/bottom margins items. Bold on active group is enough I think so. Thank gain!
    Thanks. Yes front end is not my best skill ^^. Normally, menu are already better.
  • Best alternative to legacy Tab Groups I have found so far since the upgrade to Quantum. Still rough, but functional. Please keep on going with development.
  • Nice job creating a simple tab groups extension! Rough around the edges at the moment and not as slick as legacy extensions, but that's all to be expected at this point.
  • Good extension.
    It is imperative to provide for the storage of the sorting order of the tabs.
    Then the tabs pinned, and performance (do not re-open everything).
  • At last a substitute! Awaiting further improvements...
  • I finding replacement after Tab Groups addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/tab-groups-panorama) like many people using FF. But for this time there are missing many important features like keyboard shortcut, global preview (I using mainly for finding specific tab).
    This addon is good, but its not enough for me now. Maybe use later.
  • The closest replacement to Tab Groups so far. But the performance is horrible, as it really closes and opens new tabs, instead of hiding them. But that's no blame to the author, the tab hiding API is not yet there...
  • A great replacement for the old Tab Group extension with a very similar interface. I love that you can drag tabs into new groups. The only problem I've encountered so far is that it doesn't seem to work with pinned tabs. They are treated as part of the current group and closed/reopened when switching between groups.
    Yes, it was the case at the beginning. Now, you can choose to not sync pinned tabs and let them in the window (behavior like of Tab Groups).
  • At last, Tab Group replacement.