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  • See comment from "Anonymous user 6d1628"
  • Thank you for taking up the tabgroups charge. I imagine creating and managing software like this is not an easy task. When the old tabgroups extension stopped working, I was devastated; thanks again for putting forth the effort.

    So far, add-on is working well. Something odd is the way that all the tabs collapse and expand across the top of the browser when switching between groups. The first time it happened I freaked out and though I'd lost something, but then I realized it was just the way the software worked. Functionally fine, mentally a bit jarring.
    I agree, opening is rather impressive. I am doing this for guaranteeing the order of the tabs. I hope that will the future possibility of opening unloaded tab, it will look instantaneous.
  • I love it. Works as advertised. Waiting for Firefox 58 when - as promised by the developer - all group tabs won't have to load simultaneously when I switch to a new group.
  • ドラッグアンドドロップでタブをグループに追加できる一点がとても便利
    It's convenient to group my tabs easily with drag and drop. Many other plugins don't have that feature. I like it!
  • don't reload tabs when move to different groups.+1
    Will arrive when Firefox will allow me to do so... I am waiting it as well
  • edit: Thanks for reacting to my original post.

    (WARNING: Default Option save groups to bookmarks evry 30 seconds (!) filled up my bookmarks up to 100k (!) bookmarks in notime. Now evry time i try to access my bookmarks firefox freezes. PLEEZ fix this)
    I will fix it later on, after having added group/tab moving features. Until new information I recommend to disable it. You can keep it at your own risk.

    I added this functionality at the beginning while believing bookmarking was light and safe. And it isn't. Since v0.3.1, bookmark auto save is disabled by default.

    Please, disable it in Preferences if you installed the extension before.

    Sorry for the disturbance.
  • The keyboard shortcuts moving to the next or the previous group are awful.
    It took me some time to discover what append because this occurs during text edition (Alt-Shift Left/Right to select text).

    Could you please allow users to switch off keyboard shortcuts or to customize it?
    I am forced to deactivate the add-on because of that.

    Otherwise this add-on is working flawlessly.
    The menu appearance can be more pleasant..

    Thank you!
  • Works well enough for me to consider updating to quantum on my other computers. I look forward to future improvements of this add-on!
  • Great extension, saved FF for me.
  • Now compatible with Tree Style Tab. I can officially move to Quantum :D Thank you!
  • Please don't reload tabs when move to different groups.
  • The adon is practical, but there are two things that bother me.

    The order of the tabs is not respected during restoration.

    And something much more blocking for me. I do not see why the following rights should be given to the adon:

    Download files and view and modify the history of browser downloads.

    I don't want an adon to be able to download files and change my download history if they don't need it. And to my knowledge a tab manager doesn't need it.
    Can you create a issue or send me an email with a scenario when tabs order is not respected ?

    Download permission: exporting your groups and downloading the created JSON file.
  • SO nice to have a Tab Groups add-on back for Firefox Quantum. Thank you Morikko and all who are helping them develop it. It works well now for my needs and I look forward to additional features as development continues.
  • Because of this addons, I solved the biggest regret to Firefox Quantum
  • I am very hopeful that this will replace my old Tab Groups extension, but I'm waiting on some updates that I'm hoping get added soon:
    1. Please put in a shortcut to switch tabs. Having to click on the icon and select the things is only a small step up from just having multiple windows.
    2. It is proving to be really problematic that switching tab groups currently closes and opens all your tabs. Firstly because having to load every tab in a group every time you switch to it is problematic, but more pressingly, every time I use ctrl+shift+t, it starts opening duplicate tabs from other tab groups instead of actual tabs I closed and am trying to get to.
    3. It's too late for me, but when I switched to this, my previous tab groups from before the update got completely obliterated. This has basically scattered all my work I have with various sites I've been monitering and projects I had open and quite frankly sucks a lot. Hopefully you're able to get this fixed so new people who switch over don't have the same issue.

    I understand that this is still being worked on and thank you very much for making this. This was just the closest thing I could find to giving feedback.
    Thanks for your feedback:
    1. Shortcuts added in v0.3
    2. I know, I have no solution now. (Fix will arrive in FF58)
    a. However, in FF58, it will be possible to open unloaded tabs. I hope it will make switching group lighter and faster.
    b. For opening previously closed tabs, you might search an extension that makes an history of closed tabs, so that you can find again older closed tabs.