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  • The most useful add-on for all of us tab-hoarders! Great work!
  • It operates well on both Windows and Mac. Options are easy and makes the tabs behavior like I want.
    - Love to not sync my pinned tabs, showing them for all goups.
    - Love to sync pinned tabs when I'm working on several projects.
    - Love to create new windows and to be able to retrive them by group tabs.
    - Love you dev,
  • A breath of fresh air for the new Firefox. Thank you for spending your time to create this. One feature I would like to see is a way to display the name of the current tab group instead of the icon which never changes.
  • Good work by Morikko. No other addon in this category can match this amazing addon. Welldone Morikko.
  • Thanks for bringing this addon back to life! It works great, the only downside of this is the loss of back/forward button actions (due to pages being fully closed). Hopefully you will find a solution for this soon, but otherwise great addon!
  • I was enjoying it until it started to fill my storage with backups, even after I turn backups off. :(
  • Great replacement (not fully replaced the old tab group..., but great job! I was waiting for it).
    On mac the backup get on the download directory... if that's the case, is it possible to choose where to make it? Would be automatically backed up on the cloud... Would be great!

    Is there a way to share the tabs in different devices (like bookmarks)?


    ps: minor bug--> importing tab groups with history get the wrong version of the tabs, I believe that gets loaded only the older one instead of the most recent in the import.
  • Yes! It happend I want it so much! Thank you!!!
  • Finally found a tab grouping extension with app tab treating!!
  • J'utilisais Tabs group de Quicksaver avant la mise à jour de novembre 2017 & j'étais vraiment très ennuyée que ce module ait disparu.
    Grâce à cette extension j'ai retrouvé le même genre de service & j'en suis très contente; en plus au fur & à mesure des mises à jour ce module s'améliore et devient de plus en plus pratique d'utilisation !!!
    Je regrette un peu le panorama qui permettait d'avoir une vue d'ensemble des groupes d'onglets & de faire des transferts entre groupe facilement mais l’essentiel pour moi est d'avoir retrouver une extension similaire !
    Je tiens à remercier le développeur de ce module : merci beaucoup !!!
  • This is freakin awesome! It's exactly what I need to keep my hundreds of tabs organized.
    However, it would be cool, if you could sync the groups between different devices, by for example (adding the option of) saving the backup/tab configuration in some Onedrive or other cloud and loading it from there.
  • Hi, jut got 0.5
    so far so good.. the menus are a little bit largish but OK..
    the one thing that is irritating me to no extend is that the where to save the backup file pop up every 5 Min.....
    there seems to be no way to actually save a directory name in the addon so that I can have it save to there. and it also desregards my wish and keeps asking me for the default path.. that you at some time have set up.. in addition to that the intervall seems to be of no interest to the backup tool I set the tiemframe to 1 / week and it still asks evey 5 min..
    Can you pls doa mini update.?

    many thnx
    Corrected in v0.5.1
  • After the last update (0.5.0) I'm having a slight issue with the extension. In one of my tab groups is a tab that pops up an authentication window. When I click on the Sync Tab Groups icon to select a Tab Group it pops up the authentication window for this tab even though I have not yet selected a group.
    The only way I'm able to get around this is to load this tab from my bookmarks and sign in. After that I can use the icon and select any Tab Group I want to load.
  • Works as expected
    Just, automatic creation of new groups could be disabled, to not have to clean the list everytime you open a new window
    Go to the Extension Preferences > Settings > New Windows -- set to --> Invisible
  • The latest update (v0.5) keeps asking me to save the bookmarks .json file for backup every 5 minutes. Very annoying. I pointed it to a location, but it kept asking to save the file regardless. I had to shut off the backup feature. Other than that it works great.
    Corrected in v0.5.1
  • this add-on keeps getting better! the new homemade discarded tabs mode is great. also i like the new ability to create a group from an existing unsaved window. one nice to have feature would be a confirmation dialog when deleting a group. i'm always worried i'm going to click on a trash can icon by accident.
  • This extension is absolutely fantastic !
    Thank you so much for providing a finally decent replacement to Tab Groups !
  • Simply awesome, simple, fonctionnal, a great tool !
  • Адовое говно! Раза три потерял всю информацию из-за этой хрени! Я не знаю кому вообще пришла в голову идея назвать это приложением, да еще и выложить это в общий доступ. Это сырая, доморощенная хрень, абсолютно не на что негодная!
  • Thank you Morikko for a very usefull add-on, perfect for daily operations with many windows-tabs. But if I may asks – is there an option for a near future, if there will be sorting names of groups by name – presently is probably by time of creation. Also as was add-on with very similar name (but only for old Firefox) caled 'Tab Groups' - where the interface was more visual, like thumbnails of saved tabs, and on the top was name of Tab group. There is a similar interface built-in Safari browser.
  • Thank you so much for this replacement. I was driven nuts trying to use other alternatives and this blows them all away. One recommendation is to have an option to swap the default 'click to switch to this group in the current window.' to 'Open in new window.'
  • Thank you. I was lost without a tabs group function !
    Good job.
  • Je retrouve le meilleur module de tous les temps. Cependant, j'aimerai que l'on puisse visualiser tous les onglets d'un seul coup d’œil et que quand on change de groupe, les onglets ne défilent pas avant de se charger.
  • This addon broke all