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  • have previously rated this extension as good. since the latest update where tabs can now be kept open due to improved firefox functionality, i was not expecting too much - thought there may be problems, but instead it has worked flawlessly.

    i have a close to 200 tabs open and everything seems to be working very well. there does not seem to be any slow down caused by memory consumption and switching between groups and going back and forth in some tabs have caused no problems.

    have been using for about a week now and have gained confidence that it will continue to perform. a big thank you to morikko - well done!
  • Work great. Would love it if it could automatically backup/sync to the cloud and be able to share across multiple firefox running devices.
  • This add on appears to be interfering with the built in Firefox save open tabs. It also re titles them using some long numbers and letters code. Lost all my open tabs I think because of this addon.

    So this is what are bookmarked tabs will look like?

  • This extension broke my sync and bookmarks.

    Created more than 8000 bookmarks and as a result I can not delete bookmarks and their folders.

  • Excellent. Merci!
  • The best and most useful addon on AMO !
  • Dude, what did you you? It was a great add-on until you ruined it. Now every operation in the groups manager takes forever to complete. Check your sort/optimization code and find a modern suitable way to write your code. You have a great idea but poorly implemented.
  • Made me lose all my tabs when I uninstalled it. Tries to copy TabGroups and sucks at it. Please keep away from it
  • This addon looked good, until something in it screwed up and it would not load tabs even after focusing them and moving my cursor. When I tried to disable the addon, I found out that its method of action is to actually hijack all my tabs and modify their URLs to moz-extension:// URLs, thus my 155 tabs I had open are now unrecoverable, even after removing the addon.
  • PC crashes when tab group list is displayed from toolbar button
  • Only this add-on makes the upgrade to Firefox Quantum attractive for me (so far I got along with Firefox ESR). Many thanks to the developers! In some respects better in others worse than the classic group manager. Overall, very useful and so far no major bugs recognizable.
  • Is it somehow possible to sort already created groups? So if i want grp 9 to be in place of 2 and so on.
    Couldnt manage to do so. Else exactly the addon i was looking for since the last big Firefox Update broke many old addons.
    Yes, Preferences > Interface > Sort Groups
  • Hello good man, a magnificent add-on, but it have a little inconvenient: the storage location, is there a way to change it, I would like to change it to the dropbox forder for the sync. Anyway I hope you consider my proposal until then I wish a good day and thanks again for this add-on.
  • Love this extension -- BUT suddenly I can't use it anymore. What happened?
    What do you mean ? Check v0.6.4 it solved a blocking issue. https://github.com/Morikko/sync-tab-groups/issues/98
  • It deleted all my original tabs before I had time to organise them.
  • The addon would be fantastic if it would load the web pages and not just empty tabs, either I make a mistake or there is a mistake in the addon.
    The extension doesn't load empty tabs normally. I recommend you to open an issue on Github if the problem is not solved.

    You can choose in the Preferences if you want to load the full page (Full mode) on tab opening or if you prefer to wait you active the tab (Discarded mode).
  • Pretty good start as a substiture to the original add-on. Good that it doesn't load/duplicate all tabs in a group now. Would be good if it's possible to see all groups in one window to manage. For example to drag & drop tabs from one group to another easily. Unless there's already one that I'm not aware, would be nice to have a short cut to switch between groups (instead of using Alt+Tab). Will keep using it for now and write back on any other functions that come to mind from the original add-on. Keep it up Morikko!
    > Would be good if it's possible to see all groups in one window to manage
    Groups Manager page

    > drag & drop tabs
    Yes, you can just try

    > to have a short cut to switch between groups
    There are some shorcuts, see the shorcuts section in the Preferences.

    Explained video here: https://morikko.github.io/synctabgroups/#demo
  • Excellent addon.
  • love it, thanks for this addon. just one thing, if i'm in pined tab and open new group, it take me to last tab in new group. i hope if i can still in pined tab.