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  • I really love this plugin to keep track of various pages opened in different categories. My wish-list/gripes:

    1. Ability to create sub-groups. At least 3 levels deep.

    2. Faster search (I only have a 100+ links ... and when typing in the search bar, it takes many seconds to respond with the results ... I do have a fast i7-pro computer).
  • Wanted to use this to save a bunch of tabs as a session, so that I can restore those tabs together later. Never really worked out. When I close and reopen Firefox, the saved tab group isn't there anymore.
  • Best - after having trying all of tab session managers and losing too much time.
  • It looks good, but not for me due to:
    Popup slow rendering for nearly 1k open tabs, although it is worth understanding, but can not accept for me cases.
    No RegEx feature, and wontfix.
    Close tabs instead of hidetab api by default, lazytab page loading is a good substitute, but I spent a lot of time to restore my tabs.
    Anyway, thank you for your work.
  • Still working flawlessly with Firefox 70.0 (64-bit). Thank you!
  • When is the bug that old URLs are sometimes opened fixed when swhitching tab groups? Even though each tabs information in the exported JSON file is correct, why is this add-on NOT open its same URL but incorrect URL?
    Main features are very very useful and sophisticated, so when the serious bug is fixed I'm thinking to re-vote to five stars.
  • This addon hold me back from leaving Firefox after introducing Quantum (with the exstinction of classic addons)!
    For me organizing web researches by tabgroups is highly essential. On the classic Firefox (and its forks) I am using TabGroups by Quicksaver and Session Manager by M. Kraft in combination. Sync Tab Groups manages both parts of the task. So I can save tabgroups as a session (include/exclude single tabgroups and tabs) and - very important - preview the contents of a saved session before reopening. This is so much superior than simply loading a session file (, when you can't remember its contents any more after some weeks or months).
    Though there are tabgroup-addons now with thumbnail-preview (as classic TabGroups), Sync Tab Groups is still my favorite addon for its additional session manager functions. As opposed to some other people I didn't encounter any problems using this addon (for about a year now). So I give all five stars (it would be six if this addon should have a sub-tab in the future, where tabgroups can be arranged freely as classic TabGroups did).
    Keep on maintaining this good job!
  • When I run Firefox this addition opened about 20 old bookmarks (wich closed few days ago). Firstly all was good, but after 2 weeks this bug arise.
    I closed old bookmarks and restart Firefox againe. Sync Tab Groups opened other old bookmarks. Firefox the same as before, I nothig changed.
  • J'utilise ce module depuis sa création ou presque. Il fonctionne très bien & le developer est sérieux : il suit son module, l'améliore sans cesse & corrige les bugs quand il y en a.
    Les restaurations sont très faciles (quand Firefox plante ou fait disparaitre vos groupes d'onglets sans avertir lors d'une mise à jour !!! ) & permettent de retrouver ses onglets bien classés.
    Merci pour cette extension si pratique & facile d'utilisation.
  • Great. I wish I could choose where do they back-up (to make it dropbox in case of my computer fail)
  • Too buggy, unstable--especially with the experimental hiding API--and inconvenient. It doesn't remember the scrolling position nor the history of a tab. You need to be careful when uninstalling it because you might lose some tabs. I only like that its permissions are relatively limited so it can't do too much damage.
  • I have been using "Sync Tab Groups" for about a year, and I find it very useful for organizing tabs into specific topics.