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  • Great. I wish I could choose where do they back-up (to make it dropbox in case of my computer fail)
  • Too buggy, unstable--especially with the experimental hiding API--and inconvenient. It doesn't remember the scrolling position nor the history of a tab. You need to be careful when uninstalling it because you might lose some tabs. I only like that its permissions are relatively limited so it can't do too much damage.
  • I have been using "Sync Tab Groups" for about a year, and I find it very useful for organizing tabs into specific topics.
  • This is the most helpful add on I have found. It enables me to keep numerous tab groups at my fingertips and works like a charm (most of the time). Every now and then it suffers some sort of failure and my groups get mangled. If that happens once a year, it's still a great product!
  • A very good extension until I migrate from MacOS El Capitan to Mojave. Since, I get a 100% CPU anytime I change tabs (even already loaded ones) because of this extension (the only one I activated).

    I am so sorry because the features are good and useful. But I think the code needs refactoring to improve performances.

    Hope this will change soon
  • very unclear if I was using it wrong, but seemed unable to even recognize I had opened new tabs. and then deleted a whole group after a switched away from it.
  • I've been looking for an addon that works similarly the way Tab Groups worked for quite some time now. I've finally found it! This addon is perfect and works exactly the way I expect it to. Switching between tab groups is super easy. Brilliant!
  • It's okay. It does the job well enough, however one annoyance is that it saves previously closed windows as new tab groups, and then these can accumalate over time. Once they do, then you cannot select multiple tab groups for mass delete. You must delete each one at a time, which is very very frustrating.
  • The first time I've used the extension, I tried to create empty tab groups, I clicked one, and instead of having the group tab openend in a new window, I've lost all the current tabs I had in my window!!! I was very angry. Please, add warnings, or something, and make things more intuitive. I don't like this behaviour. Opening a group should warns about the other tabs being lost, or letting the option to open in a new window, or opening the new tabs next to the old tabs.

    Please add favicons and improve the tab menu, adding for instance a folder icon, or a different color when it's the name of a group of table. Things are not very readable and eye-candy like it is.
  • Just --thank you-- .

    I never took the time to leave a comment for any extension, but for this one, I had to.

    For a very long time time I am looking for an extension that could replace the old feature "Panorama" (at least just the bare minimum), something that could help to organise and to group tabs. I tried many of them...

    I installed this one almost 2 days ago now, I was very sceptical... But surprisingly it seems to work perfectly, I mean I have not had any bugs so far...
    Not everything is perfect, for example the ergonomics, but it does what it says, you can group your tabs and switch between them.

    Also, you can decide to keep (or not) your tabs loaded while switching to another group. Great ! (that's the "Hiding Tabs" feature. And yes sometimes the order of your tabs is changed, but it is faster to switch groups if tabs are hidden and not closed, which means reloading all of them)

    In addition, even if this extension allows you to not have your tabs loaded when you switch group, it works works without any problem with "LoadTabOnSelect Evolution 1.6".

    Keep up the good work ! I hope it won't be discontinued in the next few updates.
    I will try to see if I can contribute on your repository.

    OS : macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
    Browser : Firefox 63.0.1 (64-bit)
  • I really like this extension. Great way to have groups of tabs. Esp. putting the icon in the tab-bar makes it feel really well integrated with tabs.
    BUT do not use the option to hide tabs instead of closing them! It is much faster when switching groups, but mixes tabs across groups. - Had to re-sort all my tabs.
  • I was looking for Tab Groups replacement, but this addon closes and reopens tabs instead of hiding and showing them, which makes it completely useless. Upon disabling it, tabs do not get restored; I had to manually restore sessionstore.jsonlz4 from a backup to recover my tabs.
  • Only just started with this addon as, when I restarted my works laptop this morning, found my Firefox ESR version had been updated and I'd lost Quicksaver's TabGroups. Sad day.
    Looking around, I found this, and it's a pretty worthy replacement, I think. So far... :)
    Only bugbear I have is the tab group's name isn't visible like it was in TabGroups
  • Works very well and seamlessly, with many fewer errors and bugs than similar extensions I've tried. The only suggestion I have is add functionality to sort tab groups - at least alphabetically.
  • Interface assez correcte mais perte fréquente d'onglets. Souvent 1 seul onglet est perdu de temps en temps mais parfois (lors d'un crash de firefox ou d'une coupure de courant par exemples) ce sont carrément tous les groupes inactifs qui sont perdus, avec les onglets qui y sont inclus !
    J'ai tenté de restaurer les onglets via une fonctionnalité prévue dans le module mais il fait comme si les onglets sauvegardés antérieurement étaient supprimés !
    De nombreux groupes se créent tout seuls, sans raison apparente.
    Bref, à fuir.