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  • Absolutely best proxy plugin for FF Quantum right now. Please, guys implement rule sets, so one can easily switch proxy for the number of rules.
  • 这工具很好用,赞!
  • chrome版一直正常使用,firefox版却总是用一段时间就出错。到头来还是浏览器自带配置最稳定
  • amazing plugin~also very useful in chrome
  • great
  • 一般来说,在天朝第一个要装的组件。后面就方便了。
  • Ever since I jumped deep into securing my browsing experiences with HTTP/HTTPS content inspection through my Firewall provider, it's simplified my workflow online. My regular internet access is locked down to block executable, compressed files and anything malicious. If I need to bypass my proxy, I simply flip the switch on SwitchyOmega and I can download my file.

    Excellent add-on, highly recommend.
  • It is a good addon and works well on Chrome.
    But on my Firefox it does not work after setting the proxy and activating. It keeps using direct connection. Few times it works, but it seems to be random.