59 отзывов
  • The only way I could have worked with my ancestors' native language.
  • Good
  • It's very bad that as soon as Firefox is updated with a new version, the swedish language pack is incompatible!
  • Needed daily in my global correspondence.
  • funkar det så funkar det?Q?

    ...antar att jag måste gå igenom en tålamodsövning innan det "funkar" ;)
  • I was amazed it worked immediately . For years I've struggled trying to write in Swedish, given up and trusted my family have no objections. Greta
  • Version 60 is still in beta, would be nice to have a language pack in Swedish which supports the non-beta version the rest of us uses.

    Older versions for FF 59 can be found here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/svenska-se-language-pack/versions/