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  • Fantastica! Trovo Snooze Tabs comodissima, è davvero un ottima idea.
  • Very good at replicating the features of the discontinued Firefox experiment. Thank you, developer, for keeping it alive.
  • has positively impacted my online reading - postpone the link if it just is not the time to read extensively, and then coming back to it in the evening. The snooze function is a more useful bookmark. being able to preset some day-markers would be a further improvement, as "end of workday" differs from person to person.
  • One of the most productive extension.
  • fails to fetch with FF66 on linux-mint17.3
  • I used this add-on when it was in that testpilot mode and got really used to it - I love the idea and it's super handy for me. However after I recently refreshed firefox and then reinstalled Snooze Tabs (now via the add-ons pool), it now re-opens my snoozed tabs twice! So it's not really useful anymore when I have to go through the hassle of finding the duplicates (they open out of order) and closing them all...
    Could this please get fixed? 🙏

    (Minor critique, the font in the drop-down menu has gotten smaller too, which makes it harder to read 😅 )
  • tabs when back are opening two tabs instead of one, such a bummer man, else a great app. can you please look into this.
  • Good to use. It works exactly very well.
    But (1) it will closes my tab after setting. And (2) Can it provide an option to choose letting the tab open to the front or to choose to open on the same tab?
  • Il manque des fonctionnalités comme pouvoir définir à quelle heure correspond "matin", supprimer ou pas un onglet en sommeil quand on clique dessus, pouvoir réveilleur des onglets de façon récurrente, etc.
    Bien dommage que ce projet soit abandonné, peu de temps après le Test Pilot finalement.
  • According to the primary developers now this addon is abandoned.
    This is used by thousands of people and has numerous flaws. If the original developers cannot support this any more it would be ideal to open it up to the community to find some other owner to support it.
  • It would be perfect if we could set recurring snooze tabs.
  • Hi.. not only in one tab, but in multiple tabs
    Snooze Tabs
    sleep more than one page,
    need to have more than one page sleep with one touch
  • - Place ManageTabs on Top of menu
    - Grid the Timings, instead of rows
  • Very-very useful and most used extension for me after uBlock. Really great idea that makes using browser much easier and clears tabs section, also doesn't allow you to forget about something important! I only would like to ask developer to make minutes list shorter leaving only 5 minutes intervals.