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  • Doesn't work. Not only did it clear all formdata previously used in Firefox, it prevents web forms from even working.
  • Easy, simple, works. I tried different other add ons and they were far too complicated. This one does exactly what I need. Thanks
  • Entspricht dem Namen. Ist einfach und schnell zu nutzen. Danke!
  • Great simple addon that is easy to set up and use and does exactly what I need it to do.
  • Very simple, that's why it is so good. Very useful, thank you!
  • 简单易用。
  • Does exaqtly what it says .... plain and simply the best
  • OK
  • It's as simple as possible but no simpler (with apologies).
    There are no words to express how helpful this add-on is.
    The only problems I've found are of my creation!
  • Simple to set up. Simple to use. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Can set up any string of characters to be saved in the add-on for use on any form.
  • hallo.
    ist gut.
  • Functional and easy to use with basic options. Certainly better for users than developers.
  • Perfect!
  • Hi,
    Thanks for reply, but you are taking it wrong.

    I am asking you to provide an option of completely remove 'Simple Form Fill' from the context menu (not a single item):

    Currently this is visible even if you right-click on empty element of any website.
    Created an issue here: https://github.com/sblask/webextension-simple-form-fill/issues/20
  • Nothing fancy like the form fill feature of LastPass but it does it's job albeit not as quickly.
  • A very handy thing. Unlike automatic form fillers, does exactly what is needed. Useful for filling name, email, address or similar fields, avoiding typing mistakes. With the autocomplete feature, became much more handy.
  • Melhor que o concorrente que, realmente faz uma bagunça com os ícones nos cantos de formulários. Mantenha plugin assim, sem acréscimos cosméticos.
  • Simple! Very simple! Super Simple! Best Impossible! This is the best complement! This follows the slogan of my Slackware. "Keep It Simple, Stupid"
  • So handy and simple. Name, address, email addresses and postcode, or whatever, are just a right click away. Go to your Add ons, Extensions, select options in Simple Form Fill, and find the edit button down the bottom so you can fill in your stuff.
  • When you leave browser window (for copy-paste, for example) the plugin edit form disappears without saving. So you need to fill it manually.