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  • It worked very well for me.I had no problem.
  • doesn't work
  • Works fine, but leaves the tab and a notify in my email client. Still OK, no big deal to close a tab and dialog window. Would pay $5 if it functioned better... ;)
  • Works well, but as others mention, a tab is left open with a mailto link as the url.
    Fix that and it's a great addon.
  • It is very frustrating that the email created to send the link does not include one's email signature. The old add-on I used for this purpose was seamless. This creates an empty window into which the link is inserted, with no identifying signature, which I hate. You can add the signature manually in Outlook, but it's very time consuming. Wish this could be fixed. Seems pretty basic.
  • I'll give 5 stars when it makes tab closed after sending mail.
  • Offers no choice between different email options (like e.g. Gmail and desktop mail client). Opens a new tab with a "mailto:" link which then opens the default mail program. However, the mailto tab stays open and needs to be closed manually.
  • Is fast and works great but empty tab opens: mailto:?to=&subject=Veterans%20Today%20%7C%20Military%20Veterans%20and%20Foreign%20Affairs%20Journal%20%E2%80%93%20VA%20%E2%80%93%20Veterans%20Administration&body=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.veteranstoday.com%2F

    FF needs to "clean" this up.
  • Quick and works with the new FF. It opens a new browser tab/window but that can be changed in an update. When this is done, this extension with be *****!
  • Perfect replacement for Email Link button that I used in old firefox.
  • Works very well in FF 57 under Win 10. Opens an empty tab, but that's a small price to pay for this add-on. Thanks.
  • In Firefox 55.0.3 a new empty tab is opened with an URL starting with "mailto:?to=&subject=" followed by the title of the web page I am sending. Email client is MS Outlook 2010.

    This should be a great replacement for the old Email This! extension that is no longer supported. Suggestions for improvement:
    - adding selected text from the web page in the email body after the URL
    - ability to configure different email accounts and choose which one to use from a menu

    Great work! Thank you!
  • I can use this to select gmail, yahoo, horde (custom), or client to send email.
  • Hi, XPI file is damaged. Add-on doesn't installed.
  • I am using this addon with Firefox 47 and Yahoo Webmail.
    Works perfect.
    On another machine with Windows 10 and FF51, when I
    try to install this addon, FF won't let me, telling me
    the addon is corrupt. Tried disabling signature check in about:config, still doesn't download
  • Adds a very simple and convenient feature to Firefox. Just what I was looking for.
  • Does what it says (which is what is expected), via right-click or bar icon.
    Simple, fast, Page Title in subject, clickable link to the page, in a simple email sent from the default mailer (for instance verified with Thunderbird, through Gmail).
    Thanks for this addon, missing in FF.
  • Does not offer sending a page toGmail.
    Seems like a big omission.
    Yes, it offers that option. I use it. You probably need to change an option. Write on Firefox "about:preferences#applications". Search for mailto and change the value to Gmail. It should be there. If you have issues, please email me: http://www.google.com/recaptcha/mailhide/d?k=01NKj2PDsRo1XUKZ73GiSunQ==&c=BxMyIylpuNw4tPzCYDJq3uu4JQ4xzutfY3wA2GYrSRg=
  • doesn't work
    Tell me what you've tried - http://www.google.com/recaptcha/mailhide/d?k=01NKj2PDsRo1XUKZ73GiSunQ==&c=BxMyIylpuNw4tPzCYDJq3uu4JQ4xzutfY3wA2GYrSRg=
  • ...although I would prefer a Button to put next to the Bookmarks. And I can align myself with my predecessor: The Subject of the Email could be the Title of the Page.
    But many thanks for the plugin anyways! :)