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  • Error: "The Components object is deprecated. It will soon be removed".
    This error is shown when I enable this extension, even when I am not using it.
  • 可以绕过登录界面验证码,录制脚本效率很高,脚本维护方便。美中不足的BUG有:1.跟浏览器版本不兼容,经常下载附件后不显示图标,亦无法使用,是很严重的BUG!2.定位元素还不够精确无缘报错;3.同一个脚本在多个URL地址运行时,我选A地址却在B地址运行;4.脚本运行查找个别元素时间过长,应添加用户自己设置每个步骤的最长查找等待时间;5.无法保存已录制好的项目
  • Well done!
  • why did the optins such as "file" ,"editor"," "view" missed
  • With latests Firefox (65.0.1 (64-bit)), I cannot install Selenium IDE. It takes me to the Firefox browser download page instead of installing the extension.
  • Even with the new version, web pages that I'm working on hang all the time (both Firefox and Chrome). Sometimes my recorder window and page no longer seem to be in synch and stop responding to each other. The potential for this is great but making this tool solid should be top priority. Edit: I didn't see where to reply to your message, but yes, I have 3.5.7, downloaded the latest just today. I'll log issues. Thank you.
    Thanks for the feedback! Which version of the IDE are you running? We recently pushed a performance fix for recording (in v3.5.7).

    Also, did you know you can file an issue for stuff like this on our GitHub page? https://github.com/seleniumHQ/selenium-ide/issues

    We're very active there and always looking for feedback on how we can improve the tool.

    Thanks again!
  • 非常棒,我喜欢