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  • Could a clone of Edge's highlight and search tool "ask Cortana" be possible on Firefox?
    Extension is running on the Firefox, but it is not a part of Firefox. Please report the issue on the support site and provide details - I'll see what can be done.
  • Many thanks for this extremely versatile add-on! Just found a small bug(or feature:) ) Sometimes, favicons for some search engines are missing, e.g. https://i.imgur.com/fGmnwf3.png Any idea how to fix it? Thanks again!
    SelectionSK carries icons for most used sites, rest of them fetched on the fly. Missed icon means that request was not complied in time, or remote server was down, or browser\network blocked icon request.
    Please open a ticket on the support site with search engine URLs, I'll add icons. Please mention if issue is sporadic or constant.
  • everything is great...but please can you an extra feature, that to convert currency in INR(Indian Rupees). in currency convert their is not available INR.
    Thank you. Current provider for currency rates is very good, has support for cryptocurrencies, but has limited selection of flat currencies. I'll add support for other currencies, but rates for them will be updated once in a day.
    Update: bunch of new currencies added to 3.4, please update
  • Awsome addon !!! Thank you Adrey ;)
  • This add-on could easily replace many separate extensions I already use. I also like the style of the context menu it uses. However, I really wish more dictionaries such as Wiktionary and DeepL were available though.
    Thank you.
    Almost every dictionary available through bookmarks, there are plenty of examples on the support site. On top of it extension supports selected dictionaries that have free API, will check if Wiktionary and DeepL have them.
  • This rocks nice. It feels from behavior and view as if it should to be integrated in Firefox as accommodation-ancillary.
    It replace two addons for me and, as i said, the benefit and handling feels pleasant.

    edit. its just epic
    Agree :-)
    Thank you
  • Easy, practical, useful and powerful. Have tried other adds for copy, translate, search or context menu customization and definitively this is the best for an easy and fast configuration. Wish paste and copy link URL could be added. Thanks!

    It would be a good idea to add the keyboard shortcuts (that you have on your FAQ) directly within de ff extension setup page.

    BTW there is a bookmarked search that i added though FF that works from the address bar but not with the extension; it has this structure:


    Also Didn't copy within a Quip document
    Thank you. Most of the keyboard shortcuts are now available in preferences.
    if search is working from address bar then most likely it will work from bookmark as well (unless search supported by other dedicated extension), just create proper bookmark and insert '%s' in the place where selected text will be inserted. Sorry, do not have Quip for tests.
  • Found this extension by looking to other developer extensions after installing SpotifyTree. Nice little gem, and I like translation and highlight tools even more than selection tools, regardless the name of extension.
  • Спасибо,Андрей! Все нормализовалось - проблемы исчезли.
    Большому кораблю большое плавание! ))
  • Highlight wrong texts in korean text.
    "Multi-Keywords Highlighter" is working properly with korean text.
    so, you can fix it.

    Edit: It's working. Thanks.
    Fixed in the version 1.6
  • "Bookmark URL's" seem to be a bit confusing thing - you need to enable it to be able to search for selection.
    And the addon doesn't work on this page, BTW
    Bookmark URLs is extremely power tool and you can fully adapt it to your own needs. There are a lot of pre-configured URLs on the support site. And extension is working on this site once you will enable FF setting - see first item in the FAQ: https://bitbucket.org/ashemetov/selectionsk/wiki/FAQ.
  • Thanks for porting! ^^

    The only one issue which i have is the option to not copy in text fields.
    On almost every text field it text gets copied when i select text.
    Agreed, it bothers me too :-) added an option to disable auto-copy in text fields in the version 1.4.
  • Very nice multiple highlighter ... that is the part I use.

    The only 2 things I eventually miss is
    a) a small panel with the words to highlight, so to "search and highlight them" in one go and in different colors
    b) the choice of the colors for the 1st 2d 3d ... words or expressions searched.

    Nice anyway, and better than dedicated highlighters !!!

    Moreover it "co-works" with ctrl+f (one does not cancel the other)

    Thank you !

    Edit of 2018-03-16 :
    Thanks for the "shift" + selection ... in order to highlight ... that's a killer feature.
    For the choice of color, please take a look at my message of today on your support-enhancements page.
    Thank you.
    I am planning to add configurable colors in the next release. Regarding small panel with words to highlight - extension has different mechanism, try to hold Shift while double clicking on words - words will be highlighted without popping up a panel.
  • It is useful for every FF user, believe me, maybe you will not adapt the alert style at first ,but after few days using ,you will fall in love with this addon, hahah
  • Great addon!

    One issue is that the search site added by myself does not show favicon on toolbar, it does have a favicon in bookmark though.

    And also one suggestion is that can we get an option to customize the pop toolbar instead of just a single line?

    Thank you.
    Can you please open a ticket on support site and provide address of the site that doesn't have favicon? I'll take a look. Panel customization is in my nearest plans.
  • Great addon. Almost exactly what I was looking for. I said almost because I need some option to highlight occurrences of more than one word. I used to have an addon where pressing CTRL button allowed me to highlight another word> Unfortunately that addon doesn't work in Quantum. Would it be possible to add this feature? Thank you
    Thank you. Such functionality was available in previous version of addon, however new Quantum WebExtensions api is limited. Afaik, the only option is implement own highlighter. Will review.
    (edited) added in 1.4
  • One of the only addons I've found with this capability in firefox quantum! Excellent work!

    One suggestion I'd like is to show a popup of the results after I hover over the icon, so i dont have to click and open a whole new tab to view the result. I'd be ok with disabling firefox's mixed content filter to make this work. thanks!
    Thank you.
    I've opened a ticket for the proposal above, please monitor support site for updates.