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  • hands down best add-on in existence, confirmed fixed and working again 11/8/2019!!!
  • Not very obvious, but there is a graphic for SCDL, the graphic is placed under SC tracks. That is where you click to download that track. IF that track can be downloaded by SCDL. I see the graphic logged in at SC and when not logged in at SC. All in all, the extension SEEMS to work in my FRESH install of FF 70.0.1.
  • Stopped working after the latest update. Clicking on the download button does nothing.
  • Unfortunately this app doesn't work at all. Although it is installed and up to date, nothing happens when you call soundcloud.com and play a title. This app cannot be found in my Firefox browser. There is also no popup as mentioned in the app's description.
  • I like this tool and what I like about it is the metadata saved to the track, thanks man
  • Great thanks. Would be very nice if you could have it automatically name the file with a standard ARTIST - SONG format
  • This app is no longer functional. I just noticed it stopped working yesterday.

    This was the best app to download from SoundCloud, as it attached artwork to the files. PLEASE fix!!!
  • Thank you so much! I have been looking for something that keeps the metadata
  • Ausgezeichnet! Und Überraschend schnell !:))
  • works after install. but after first use stops working. need to disable/enable plugin to make it work again.
  • I needed this to back up my own tracks (which SC doesn't allow you to do easily) so that I could clear out a lot of old stuff I don't have the raw files for any more.
  • Very usefull. Worked as expected. Nice!
  • clicking on the button does .... nothing. useless.
  • fetches cover too!!
  • Couldn't be better! if only one of the extensions for youtube worked like this, no linktrough to another site but a direct download!
  • works like it says, thanks!