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  • i like this theme very much ,thx!
  • A very nice design and a very noble and important cause!
  • its not easy to find a theme that i like in the long run, some themes gets too dark after a while, some are too bright for the toolbar icons, and some just gets boring after a while.

    Save the Bees Plz looks good on the picture, but even better when you add it! Its not too dark and its not too bright, and it never gets boring!

    Love it!!
  • supercute, and looks so good!
  • I may be afraid of bees, especially when they sting, but I still want to save them! :) This browser theme helps us stay aware of the need for them! Its also adorable! Thanks!
  • It's much better after you add it on then when you're just looking at the add-on example. Very cute and important reminder to personally choose what's best for our bees!