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  • It doesn't work at all. "35 of 35 ... could not be saved..." Trash.
    Please provide a link (URL) for the page that you could not save, so that the problem can be investigated.
  • Fast and convenient way to save and store a web page as a single, standalone HTML file. Highly recommended, especially for documenting the current state a web page that may frequently change.
  • Having said that, Firefox 57+ still can't open files in .mht and .maff format. . .
  • There is another app designed to build local web server, but can be works outside of Chrome: HTTP File Server.
  • Very useful addon, never had issues with it, thanks! :)
  • Works great for volatile blogs.sap.com
  • Works great, it manages to get images even better than the default Save Page AS and it does it as one file meaning you don't have to compress everything first.

    The ability I dream about Save Page WE having, is the ability to do this with Links.

    That way you could Bulk Save Page As Multiple Pages from the Table of Contents.

    It would help quite a bit in saving Web Novels for offline Reading.

    Pocket is useful but suffers even with Bulk Pocket Add on as often times, it misses some chapters and instead gives two copies of a previous chapter.
  • An interface to manage saved pages is needed. For example a sidebar inferface like Scrapbook would be great.
  • Can't save local pages.
    The WebExtensions APIs do not allow add-ons to to read local files. However, you can do this by serving the local web page through a local web server.
  • Great extension, especially because it saves the whole page into a single html file that can be accessed in all browsers and all platforms. It offers also options for which elements of the page to save. It can also create a top bar with the info and link to the original source page.
  • Being able to save an entire webpage into ONE static file named with %DOMAIN% and %DATE% and %TIME% macros is really super. Wishlist: Program addon to run every day at certain times, automatically, on a set of web pages. I sent a separate email about this. Also wish Print Edit WE would get the %DOMAIN% and %DATE% and %TIME% automatic filenaming macro capability soon :-).
  • First usage, worked out of the box. Didn't save the hrefs on the page but that's ok and it's more than enough for what I needed. Will update in the future as I'm using it but so far so good for now.

    Kudos to the devs, this surely works way better than firefox option to save a full webpage, and that's a pro for sure.
  • This addon is mediocre. Nowhere near as good as UNMHT was, but that one didn't get updated to work with these newer versions of FF, and that's a big loss. Save Page WE can't save this or that; I'm constantly getting messages about it not being able to save some part or parts of the page, and sometimes it doesn't save anything at all--it just doesn't respond to any attempts to save a page! You'll see the floppy disk icon change color which indicates you've clicked it to save something, but nothing happens. All I can say is, I never had these problems with UNMHT, which saved everything. Worse yet, I look for some other addon that might do the same thing, but I find nothing! The only solution I could think of was to download a portable version of FF v56 and download UNMHT for it, as well as some other addons that haven't been updated for FF. Meh.
    Save Page WE is designed to save a web page as currently displayed. This is almost identical UnMHT's save 'Current State'. There is currently no equivalent to UnMHT's save 'Original File'. It would be possible to add this feature to Save Page WE, but not many users have requested this feature.

    With regards to Save Page WE not saving pages, please can you provide a link to a page that is not saved. Please email to: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • Perfect for our needs, and able to be used right out-of-the-box!

    We backup created content hourly, and until this extension, we've simply been copy-pasting into a Google Doc (unlimited storage, formatting, etc. - rudimentary, sure, but effective).

    This saves the page exactly as it appears in a browser, to a single, cross-browser-compatible file (rather than a folder of files & main htm file, such as "Save Page As" in Firefox Menu). One click, and the full file is saved in Downloads (by default).

    File size appears to range from 1-3mb (obviously site / page dependent) - point being, it's consistent, manageable, and not filled with unnecessary options or ads.

    Kudos, DW-dev, and thank you!
  • It doesn't save the whole page, only the things that are currently displayed in the browser window. This is not what I expected from an addon with the name "Save Page".
    Save Page WE is designed to save a web page as currently displayed. The documentation on the Save Page WE homepage on Mozilla Add-ons did not make this completely clear. The documentation has now been updated.