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  • AWESOME addon, it saves the page really fast and really well, all images, styles, the result is fantastic, thank you guys, for this awesome addon
  • The saved web page includes all resources (CSS, script, image), even resources served via CDN.
  • 保存網頁專用,有時候沒法離線保存部分網頁內容,這時候這個插件就派上用場了,非常好用.
  • Finally decided to tackle my maff/mht problem. Very impressed by this extension. After some quick testing, it does indeed open the resulting HTML in any browser cleanly and without issue (tested with FF, Dillo, Links2, Pale Moon).

    fyi: if you're like me and have saved many web resources as mht/maff files over the years (and likely scattered throughout many subDirectories, on external storage), Pale Moon can still handle those those two via extension (if finding and re-converting to WE is a major project).
  • Просто и удобно сохранять страницы, к тому же html не плохо жмётся архиваторами, сохраненные страницы открываются в любых браузерах без обязательной установки данного аддона.

    It is simple and convenient to save pages, besides html is not bad pressed by archivers, saved pages open in any browsers without necessarily installing this addon.
  • Good extension. Wish I could save everything to a specific folder, one I could create - so I wouldn't have to sift through my download folder.
    You can save to a specific folder. In Firefox's 'Tools > Options', select the 'General' tab, and in the 'Downloads' section choose 'Always ask you where to save files'.
  • Take to much time for loading offline pages it will be better if I can see my offline pages in separate place or tab