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  • Одно из самых полезных дополнени1 Mozilla. Я только ради этого дополнения удалил х64 bit Mozilla версию, и поставил х32 Mozilla
    One of the most useful add-ons is Mozilla. I just deleted this x64 bit Mozilla version for the sake of this add-on, and put x32 Mozilla
  • Fantastic addon. Saves current state of the page to a single file, with a high level of compatibility. I've used others that actually save slightly smaller files, but none handle difficult pages as well as Save Page WE does. Very clean and the keyboard shortcut makes it highly unobtrusive (especially once the warning regarding un-saveable elements is disabled). Thanks for your hard work on this addon!
  • worked better on sites that continue to load more content. ended up with just the page I wanted without adverts. Great job!
  • This extension worked perfectly until the Firefox update of 4th of May 2019. It's a good thing this extension still works fine on Chrome, just a quick extension install and I'm back in business.
    I am trying to stay with Firefox, but given how hard it is trying to push me away, I am not sure for how long.

    Dudes, be aware that giving low ratings here you're punishing this extension's developer, not Firefox's.
  • This is a GREAT ADDON until today 4 May 2019.. when i updated to Firefox 66.0.3 ALL MY ADDONS ARE NOW DISABLE. Stupid FIREFOX UPDATES are now FORCING ALL MY ADDONS TO DISABLE.
  • The best addon for this purpose that I found and it was working properly until I upgraded to Firefox 72.0.1
  • Best page saver i ever tested !,
  • Utterly nonfunctional for my purposes. Needed to preserve a particular web page exactly as it currently displays for legal reasons, because I'm about to initiate a legal action for which material on the page is important evidence. As soon as the action begins, the sod operating the page will change it to hide the evidence, so I need to save it the way it is--and save it completely independently of the web. Everything has to be on my hard drive. Firefox's save complete web page is not working with this site, and the web page is too long, so Firefox's screenshot feature doesn't capture the end of the page--which is where my most important evidence is. So I hoped this add-on would take care of the problem. Unfortunately it doesn't. The right-click options are all greyed out, and when I use the Alt-A shortcut, WE saves only html, not resources. Open up the page source, and all the links point back to the original site.

    So: didn't work for me at all. Complete failure.
    If the right-click menu items are greyed out, then the page has not finished loading.

    Save Page WE saves the original page HTML source and all of the resources in a single '.html' file. The saved page should load correctly even if the browser is offline. The links in the saved page still point back to the original site - where else could they point?
  • Loved this add-on until today! It no longer works in either Firefox or Chrome.
    Save Page WE is probably working in both Firefox and Chrome, but saving the file silently.
    This may be as a result of a change in Save Page WE 13.7.

    Save Page WE 14.0 was released yesterday and the saving should now behave as previously.

    To show the 'Save As' dialog box, go to Firefox's Tools > Options, scroll down to the Downloads section, and enable the "Always ask you where to save files" option.
  • >>> With version 13.7 it is no more possible to choose the folder where save the page.

    Problem solved with version 13.8 and option "Always show browser 'Save As' dialog box".

    A change was made in Version 13.7 so that Save Page WE now respects Firefox's download settings.

    To show the 'Save As' dialog box, go to Firefox's Tools > Options, scroll down to the Downloads section, and enable the "Always ask you where to save files" option.

    If this does not work, for example if you are using Firefox 52-57, go to the Save Page Options, and enable the "Always show browser 'Save As' dialog box" option. (Note: You need Save Page WE 13.8 for this option).
  • Brilliant!
  • Packing everything into one file is a very good idea. Before I've used this addon, I wasn't even sure this would work in any or most cases. Sensible options like "save filename without spaces" already are built in. That quickly advanced to be one of my most used addons.
  • Фантастика!
    Это работает, и сохраняет внутри файла html всю графику!
    Очень удобно.
  • Great extension It would nice to save Twitter frames.