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  • it helps a lot for me ! and its easy to use...
  • Perfect
  • nice
  • that's good
  • I just tried 2Captcha. It didn't worked for me. But I believe that this service isn't that good.
    Do you consider to support 9kw.eu at your plugin? My most credits are saved there.
  • PERFECT. THANK YOU DoZz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • C x
  • good
  • safe extension and all here you need
  • me tenía harto esos catcha y ahora en las páginas se ingresa facilmente
  • sometimes it doesn't work,now. I use imagetyperz API
  • This is really good! Thank you!! Question: it works on most sites but not reddit.com (signup), is there any way you can fix this? Thank you so much!
    Hi, instead of trying navigate signup with popup just use this page https://www.reddit.com/register should be recognize if signup form out of frame as i tested this url it recognized and solved http://prntscr.com/ke13d3