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  • Крайне быстрое дополнение.
    Не хватает русского языка в настройках, но это не проблема.
  • practically a worthy alternative for the former, excellent "Fast Dial" extension (discontinued). finally.

    but some features are missing to become as fast and comfortable as Fast Dial. Where is the "update/reload all" dials function? smooth scrolling and a better performance would be great.

    Quick Dial comes very close to Fast Dial but not there yet. Why not contacting the Fast Dial developer? Maybe he shares code with you to improve Quick Dial?
  • There's only one problem I have with this extension.
    Whenever I open Firefox and it restores my previous session, this extension replaces the tab I was on with a "New Tab" instead of loading said tab.
    Apart from that, this is the lightest Speed-dial-like extension I've found so far, no need to create an account or do some random stuff before setting up like you want it to.
    Would really appreciate if the developer could take a look at that issue though.
    try this https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues/144
  • Great addition. It would not be bad if there was export and import for transfer.
    And there is a small problem - in Firefox at startup, when an open session is restored - in the fixed tabs the Quick Dial page opens. You have to click "Back" to return to the saved page.
    For the export, look the previous comment... Adding an export feature need time and I'm messing it. Contributors is welcome...
    For the second issue, look here : https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues/144
  • Hello developers!
    How to save all bookmarks with QuickDial sketches when reinstalling windows (version 1903)?
    Thanks you
    If you reinstall your system, it's best to backup all your Firefox profiles...
    Restoring only QD need to extract the QD plugins settings and datastore...
    On Windows, these files is stored in your appdata profile folder.
  • With Firefox 67 it seems the add-on is not working properly. So it's no longer possible to link the Firefox homepage directly to Quick Dial, eg. by clicking the house icon. That's pretty annoying.
    It still works fine when you open a new tab.
    Working here with FF 67...
    If you have an issue, try to disable other webext...
    Or open an issue on https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues
  • Pretty good. Lightweight and Easy to use. Opensource. Not as bloated as most other quick dial addons, no cloud nonsense.

    Profile Import/export and sync option that works over network folders or dropbox/gdrive/other would be appreciated.
    Thanks for your feedback,
    The import/export feature is in the todo list...
    For the sync, it's more complicated, I'm waiting if an idea coming to me...
  • Почти идеально, но есть задержка в несколько секунд после запуска браузера.
    Thanks for your feedback, I know this issue...
    I'll try to handle it as soon as my free time permit it...
  • It's a nice add-on to put some shortcuts in the new page, but there are still a few problems.

    1. when I close and reopen FF, my restored Tabs will turn into quick dial tabs , so there will be dozens of QD tabs and I have to click last-page button to restore them one by one.

    2. Is there any possible to make a search bar in the QD page? It's more convenient to search when you have too many icons on the toolbar.

    3. It will be very convenient to drag-&-drop a Tab or a Hyperlink to become a shortcut

    4. I hope I can rearrange my shortcuts and folders with it's title/last used time/added time/used frequency.

    However, thanks for making this useful add-on.

    Thanks for replying my comment.
    1. Problem solved.
    2. I have many icon next to my address bar and sometimes I need to put two FF side to side, so the address bar became too small..... But it's OK that you don't want to put an extra thing on it.
    3.&4. Take your time, though I wish you have 48 Hrs a day, hehehe.....
    Thanls for your feedback...

    1. Try to increase "startpage timeout" value in QD settings...
    2. For me, the adress bar is the place to make search...
    3. Good idea, open an issue on github...
    4. The sorting feature is in my TODO list but I missing time ;-)