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  • nice

  • What it does is it allows the pop up to partly load so it helps to stop the page from detecting that you have a pop up blocker and then with the page blocking you , until you disable the pop up blocker . There are no set rules you set this up as the pop ups load and you can chose Block URL , Block domain , Block sub domain and the same three but with Allow domain , Allow sub domain , Allow URL and when you click on Options you can see what is in the block list and white list and log and you can delete any that you don't want . You need to let the page fully load untill you can see the Pop up blocker icon on the page you want to block and click on that icon to block that page , if you don't you could end up blocking the wrong page . All so at times at the top of a pop up it will ask you if you want to block that page with the words Yes or No .

    I don't want a pop up blocker that blocks all most 100% and then trying to find out what happen and then trying to unblock . This way I can choses what is block and what is not block and if by mistake I block the wrong page it easy to look at block list and to delete .

    This pop up blocker needs patience when you first start and setting this up as a lot of software dose as well

  • Did not work. Instead of blocking pop up video, it blocked entire page. Also, does not function prophylactically, blocking crap in advance of you having to go through the steps of manually blocking -- after the phuking fact.

  • not working

  • It worked for a while then it stopped working. Popups full on my face. Uninstalled it to try something else

  • 1000

  • Repeat of another review: It does not block all pop-ups.
    It will block an entire website but there are better add-ons for this purpose.
    All-in-all advertising and add-on are utter failure.

  • It does not block all pop-ups?
    and if i putt an url in the block-list, it still comes back up.
    If I want to defend myself from a pop-up that without my permission, the following sequence occurs:
    the pop-up window opens (because PB does not have a predefined list of pop-ups to be blocked).

  • well done

  • good

  • A+++

  • Excellent

  • works fine

  • super

  • It does not block any pop-ups!
    If I want to defend myself from a pop-up that activates a paid telephone service, without my permission, the following sequence occurs:
    1. The pop-up window opens (because PB does not have a predefined list of pop-ups to be blocked),
    2. the paid telephone service is activated,
    3. If the pop-up remains open, I will be able to block it with BP, (but by now, it will have done its damage).

    Non blocca nessun pop-up!
    Se voglio difendermi da un pop-up che mi attiva un servizio telefonico a pagamento, senza il mio permesso, accade la seguente sequenza:
    1. Si apre la finestra di pop-up (perchè PB non ha una lista predefinita, di pop-up da bloccare),
    2. il servizio telefonico a pagamento, viene attivato,
    3. Se il pop-up rimane aperto, potrò bloccarlo con BP, (ma ormai, avrà fatto il suo danno).

  • nice

  • good

  • All good

  • y

  • I like

  • It's great

  • Ne fonctionne pas avec FF57!!!

  • Essentially useless. Doesn't appear to block anything by default as it has no list to work off and manually adding pages to block can only be done via clicking a button on that page and not by typing anything in. So when I got a popup for a 'firefox update' that clearly was trying to install malware and would not let me close the page due to dialog box popups I had absolutely no way to block the page or close it without shutting down firefox since there was no way to just type the URL into a list to block. I used to have a perfectly good popup blocker until Firefox forced this update on us but now nothing works.

  • Since today i cannot access to Reddit.com with this add-on enabled, please fix this asap

  • So ein Schrott !

    Blockt nicht nur die Popups, sondern die gesamte Url, sobald man auf "NO" klickt - auch dann wenn das Popup "von Hand" (nicht automatisch) geöffnet wurde.
    Alle anderen Links unter "Do you want to block ..." funktionieren NICHT
    Sprich: es gibt keine Whitelist
    Und Konfiguration ... Fehlanzeige.

    Eine der bescheuertsten AddOn`s die einem aufgebrummt werden