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  • Blocked websites still show up in the "News" category on Google. I assume that if it works, it works only on the regular Google results.
  • It's a great idea but it doesn't block images or advertisements from certain sites. uOrigin however does block a selected site very well but it blocks a lot of stuff you might not want blocked without some heavy configuration.
    If this plugin could block everything associated with a certain domain name it would be a winner. I hope you can get it to that point and I will check back periodically. Thank you for your efforts. I know there is no reward in writing these plugins at best minimal so thanks again.
  • works well enough, wish it also operated on non-Google search engines tho
  • Works exactly how I want it. Thank you
  • Love it, but why can't I directly block a website I have currently open in a tab anymore by simply clicking on the Personal Blocklist icon? Why was this function removed in the new version?
    Ohh I forgot to add it back when rewriting, sorry about that.

    This function will be back in the next version.
  • 太好用了!上google想搜个器件,出来一堆阿里巴巴一堆淘宝一堆京东,现在全没有了!
  • Please also make it support "Startpage.com"
    It is not that easy to support... though you are not the only one who want this...

    ref: https://github.com/wildskyf/personal-blocklist/issues/12
  • Please allow this work on Firefox mobile for android
    All the web extension APIs I need seems supported, just give me some time to test it... :)
  • Good add-on. you should give it a try
  • Works on regular Google search results, yay! Update: not so yay, adds annoying "Block *.com" footnote to every search result. Don't want or need this, takes up valuable screen real estate, please remove. This is what will eventually make me uninstall this add-on.
    Does not work on Google Images results. :-( :-( :-( All I wanted here was to remove Pinterest results from image searches. My search continues.
    Hi Bathsheba,

    The annoying "Block *.com" footnote could be remove in the preference page, you are not the only one who don't like this. ;P

    Also, you are not the only one who want the image block feature, here is the ticket:

    I will make some big change for this add-on recently, hope you are willing to wait for it. :)
  • Farewell Washington post, your subscription clickbait is gone
    It should come back! Thanks for your nice report. :)
  • Convenient and useful addition. Unfortunately, it does not always turn on.
  • Favorite addon on Windows, so its a pitty it dont work for android.
    All the web extension APIs I need seems supported, just give me some time to test it...
  • Fonctionne très bien avec Firefox 56 développeur!
    Merci beaucoup!
  • this add-on support by Android, but it's not working for cellphone page yet
    Thx for your 5 stars, I will try to make it support soon...