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  • Simple, great add-on. I use Vivaldi as my daily driver, and this is a feature, it should be in Firefox too.
  • Your addon after update was deleted./Twój dodatek po aktualizacji został usunięty.
  • a lack of this extension; with opening new tab, tab seek bar coming to head automatically.
    this mo.fu. quatum edition deleted all perfect extensions tab mix plus was making all tabs actions like this one to open nex to current tab.new f**kin quantum can nor open new tab to current even.
  • browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent is crap! It opens next to tab no matter what, now it's another problem and not a fix!

    Last updated: 2017, Obviously abandoned by now, but I would like to update this add-on to use 'middle mouse button' to open at end and 'right mouse buton' to open next to current. I'm guessing this is impossible thanks to the limations of webapi?
  • Does't work on lollipop
  • many thanks
  • When I close several tabs and then restore them using Ctrl+Shift+T, they are opened in random places.
  • thanx for pointing to the procedure in quantum