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  • I love Notion, but regarding this extension I am a bit disappointed. Notion claim it replaces Evernotes... not completely unfortunately. I would expect for a good webclipper to have at least, like evenotes does, a field to enter a Tag to straight away "classify" that webpage we just clipped. Unfortunately, we still have to open the page clipped in the selected database to further inform about a tag. The perfect improvement, which would make the webclipper even better that the Evernote's one, is to have all the database fields editable from from web clipping action. Thanks to improve this ... you guys make a great job anyway, keep on that track ! Cheers. Pier.
  • It's greet and works pretty well. but there is a problem when it encounter the code block in website. I'm a programmer, so I often clip many technology articles, but the code example in article become a mess in notion, for example: https://guzalexander.com/2013/12/06/golang-channels-tutorial.html. I wonder if there is a planning to fix the code block issues. after all, notion is a great tool. I transfer all my collection from evernote to notion now.
  • Please fix your issues with third-party cookies if you do care about your customers' privacy and alliance with Mozilla Firefox. It worked fine before Firefox updates; linked to what another user mentioned below, then just forget about Firefox users to concentrate your market with Chrome users otherwise. These companies will lose its growing Firefox users as web clipper extensions perfectly work within competitors like "Bear", but not with "Notion" or "Evernote".
    Thanks for bearing with us — we understand the frustration and the importance of our users' privacy. We should have done a better job communicating our extension's requirements. Notion uses a cookie to authenticate requests from the Web Clipper. Because the extension's active domain is a moz-extension:// URI and not https://notion.so, it registers as a third-party cookie to Firefox.

    If you are willing to add a single exception for the https://notion.so domain, the Web Clipper will work even if you have tracking protection enabled and all other third-party cookies blocked:

    1. Open Firefox Preferences > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Manage Permissions
    2. Add "notion.so"
    3. Click "Save Changes." (This step is important! Your preferences won't be saved otherwise.)

    After adding this exception, you should be able to use the Web Clipper.

    If you have further questions about our cookie usage or data privacy, feel free to reach out to team@makenotion.com, on Twitter at @NotionHQ, or via the ( ? ) at the bottom right of Notion — we'd be more than happy to chat.