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  • Nice
  • i like it, easy use for me.thanks
  • Just make it use my toolbar bookmarks damnit! Let me know if fixed
    This is already possible! You just need to set the correct folder name to: "Bookmarks Toolbar" (without quotes)
  • Хороший плагин для перехода с Фаст Диал (копируем закладки в папку и все), который не подходит для ФФ 57 и выше.
    Но не хватает функционала:
    *Перенос закладок и папок в визульном режиме прямо в браузере (настройка через библиотеку закладок настоящий мазохизм :) )
    *Настройка открытия закладок в текущей вкладке или в новой вкладке.
    *Тонкой настройки визуального отображения (Цвета папок, подложки ярлыков, и т.д.).
    *Название папки с закладками можно и убрать с экрана, т.к. занимает место.

    A good plugin for switching from Fast Dial (copy bookmarks to a folder and everything), which is not suitable for FF 57 and higher.
    But there is a lack of functionality:
    * Transfer bookmarks and folders in visual mode directly in the browser (setting through the library of bookmarks real masochism :))
    * Customize the opening of bookmarks in the current tab or in a new tab.
    * Fine-tune the visual display (colors of folders, label background, etc.).
    * The name of the folder with bookmarks can be removed from the screen, because takes place.
  • xấu, không giống mô tả
  • Great idea!
  • A really good addon, does exactly what is advertised, is lightweight and fast.
    My only small concerns with it are that I wish it could use one of Firefox's default bookmark folders instead of having to create one and also that it had a small wrench icon or something on the main page for easy access to options.
    In settings, you can set it to show any folder from your Bookmarks you wish.
  • Sadly, since a recent FF update, this app no longer functions on any device.

    It's a shame, I really liked it when it worked. Will change this to 5 stars when it's fixed


    I am on 63.0
    No new addons
    Several others have reported issues even in this review section, please don't lie to me.

    I have tried reinstalling, and sadly, no improvement on W10 64 or MacOS.

    This extension does not respond when called and simply presents a blank page. All other pages load fine and are unaffected, and this occurs with no other addons installed as well.


    Definitely FF caused. Since update, extension now works again. Will be manually forcing updates off for FF, lesson learned - Mozilla can't push a working update to save their lives.

    Now the extension is refusing to detect the speeddial folder that I've been using for months. The message I get appears different, telling me to create a folder called "Other Bookmarks".

    1: This is a default folder
    2: It exists
    3: The extension ignores it
    4: Even if it still uses speeddial, the extension ignores this as well

    In summary, still completely unusable.


    The functionality has not changed or improved on MacOS, despite updating it to the same version as my W10 machine is running.

    I suspect your issue is due to several bad updates to Firefox. Hopefully it's not too hard to sort it out, I'd love to keep using this extension.
    What do you mean by "no longer functions"?
    I'm using Firefox beta version and it "functions" properly.
    Also, no one else (out of the 160 something users) has reported any issues.
    Which version of Firefox & addon do you use?
    Can you try reinstalling the addon?
    Is it possible that some of the other of your addons is breaking it?

    1. I'm not lying. The comments from 1 "user" below are because he doesn't know how to create a folder and point the settings to it.
    2. That sounds like a real issue, so I'd be happy to look into it, but need more data (addon version, some screenshots). If you'd like to help & get it fixed, I'd appreciate a bug report here: https://github.com/tborychowski/newtab-bookmarks/issues

    UPDATE 2:
    Someone else has reported a similar issue: https://github.com/tborychowski/newtab-bookmarks/issues/14
    If yours is the same - you can track the fix there. Otherwise, please report a new one.

    UPDATE 3:
    Can you confirm that you use the correct latest version of the extension: v3.2.0? (and not the bad one v4.0.0)?
  • It's really great! Thank you so much!

    Only thing I wish for, is to be able to display this view on a new window as well and not only on a new tab. But I guess that's up to mozilla.

    EDIT: Thank you for your comment! This works.
    you can make it work: open new tab (so you see this view), then open settings on another tab and click "home" section. Then click "Use current page" button. Not perfect, but it works for me.
  • I get a blank screen stating to create the folder I just created. Nothing shows whether icons or thumbnails.
    I'm sorry to hear that. However, this add-on functions correctly. It just requires an extremely basic setup: a name of a folder that exists in your bookmarks. So if this this simple task is beyond your IT skills, I'd suggest that you look for a different add-on.
  • I want to customize the icon
  • This is great. I wish this feature was available in the default firefox home screen.
  • Works exactly how bookmarks in tabs should (well, for me anyway) - well done!
  • Dont know how to use. lack of description.
    Yeah, it requires some computer skills, like clicking and typing, sorry about that. But hey, here's an idea: you don't have to use it! :-)
  • Really cool, simple and smooth. There's addons that try to make similar stuff, but I don't know, they fill a bit clunky or too much. Also, a big plus is the integration with Firefox bookmarks and the possibility to choose the name of the folder. Thanks.
  • Please add manually set icons.
  • Super einfach zu nutzen und funktioniert
  • A must have.
    The best bit is how the dev is listening to his users. 6/5 stars!