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  • Cons:
    - Bad privacy, grabs website logos online from a server and allows that server to track your IP, one's fav sites and how often one accesses them. This is not compliant to GDPR's data minimisation and data transparency principle. Better would be to store and load website images locally and not establish an online connection by default.

    + clean and lean look and feel of that addon which is why I tried it.
    + not bloated with lots of useless features which is also a plus.
    + It does its job (and works in FF 71, too)
  • this extension does not work under firefox 71 . Error: An unexpected error occurred ExtensionUtils.jsm
    and also , all my bookmarks can not sync
  • Очень удобное расширение, спасибо!
  • It was great until today, when I launched my Firefox and saw, that all my deals had been deleted :((
  • Where use firefox bookmarks?
  • i am using this plugin on chrome and firefox and sadly on firefox custom css are not working
  • Как изменять и удалять вкладки эскизов, нигде нету на эскизах кнопки настройки.
    How to change and delete thumbnail tabs, nowhere in the thumbnails there are settings buttons
  • Great extension. I use it for all my bookmarks and it works very well for my needs.
    I would like a possibility to group bookmarks into separate rows, but that's a minor thing.
  • I really love this extension, and have been using the free version for years! I went to pay for the pro version today and it would not process my CORRECT credit card info. I tried on different OSs... I guess they don't want my money. Oh well, I guess I'll keep syncing myself