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  • I use it to log in two or more Google accounts in different containers while still being able to search anonymously in a default tab when needed. This is really great !

    It would be even better if the menu allowed to open a standard default tab in addition to container tabs, though it is still possible by pressing Ctrl+T.

    There is countless great things you can do with Multi-Account Containers to control your privacy and use multiple identities in the same time. It even helps you to keep your tabs organized.

    I highly recommend it if you like to keep many tabs open.
  • Containers is very useful, but I think there are two point inconveniet:

    1. "Sites assigned to a Container" does not support match patterns (*), so you can't add *.example.com and you have to add subdomains one by one : (
    2. The page "about:preferences#containers" is useless……
  • Pretty good
  • fantstic does the job well and the tabs are neatly arranged in one large window
  • It would be great to have keyboard shorcut binding to open a tab of specific container!
  • I love using containers. They are simple to use, plus you cant be tracked
  • I love this add-on. It one-ups Chrome's multiple user profiles since I can have a Production tab and a Beta tab right next to eachother in the same browser window instead of across multiple browser windows.
  • Innovation at its best
  • Love it. Perfect for separating work-accounts and private-accounts
  • Containers has simplified my use of Firefox where before I ran multiple browser profiles to be logged into different accounts, now I can run all of them in the same window. As a side benefit I can more securely isolate websites from each other.
  • excellent!!
  • Great idea but it doesn't support sync. I don't know a single person that only owns one computer. I'm not sure if Mozilla has product managers or if prioritization is all done adhoc via developers, but please, someone, make container settings sync a priority.
  • An amazing and really easy way to keep your information separated and private!
  • Amazing for using 3 different Google accounts in the same browser! <3
  • Super module. Il manque quand même la possibilité de paramétrer plus, comme une page de paramètre plus poussée et des listes public permettant le compartimentage des GAFAM et autres.
  • Amazing!
    The ability to be logged in in several accounts of the same page in the same browser is just great!
    Also having social sites in their own containers is must-have these days.
    Big thanks!
  • Amazing add-in that helps to keep you private while allowing multiple "sessions" within the same browser window. By using different containers for different websites they cannot know to which services you are logged in. Thank you Mozilla!!
  • Great feature, keeps cookies and tracking data "containerized".
  • It just works.™

    Logging in with different Google/Microsoft/whatever accounts has always been a mess of either logging in&out, or opening private windows. Now I can just put them in their own container \o/
  • ウェブアプリケーション開発に必須
  • I use this every day to keep work and personal google accounts separate, and occasionally I log in to Facebook in its dedicated container.
  • Love it! Keep up the good work.
  • Great app for separating your work sites and personal sites you visit.
  • I love containers. They have made my life much easier. I often need to have open several email accounts from the same provider, and I used to have to figure out how to use different browsers. Now I just open a new container. Also it makes me more confident browsing as it blocks the cross tab searching from sites like google etc. Yeah containers!
  • This addon is extremely useful, it is similar in concept to private browsing but expanded upon as to allow saving data between sessions and contextual sessions for specific sites. It allows you to keep work, hobby and social separate for example. I use it all the time, and browsing without it would be a severely lacking browsing experience.
    The only downside is that the UI for preferences is not as transparent and user friendly as I would like.