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  • I had the old morning coffee and then Firefox screwed it up.
    This one Sucks. Do not waste your time. It is not ready for Prime Time..
    Firefox has lost it mojo.
  • best add-on
  • *Major* glitch with the most recent versions. Sadly, went from 5 stars to 1 star.

    Every time FIREFOX has an update, Morning Coffee deletes all of the sites that were previously saved! Major bummer, for I have now about 12 sites listed. Used to love this add-on, had given it a 5 star review, now not so much. Considering deleting this (once great) add-on.

    Loved it and have used it for a long while now. Seems to be a new glitch in this more recent version: whenever firefox is updated all of my sites in morning coffee are "lost", that is, I have to redo the entire process of adding each site. This is a major bummer as I have many sites added...
  • та классная штука. именно для тех кому нужно, тот будет использовать.
  • very useful add-on.
    like it a lot.

    wouldn't mind if it had the option of a drop down menu and to name folders in it and choose icons + colors instead of days.
    like "work", "research", "shopping"...
    similar to "multi-account containers"
  • Can you add the ability to open the tabs in a new window and also to ctrl+click urls to select multiple to transfer them.
  • I love it. I could not use firefox without Morning Coffee! :)
  • I really like this addon and use it daily. I would appreciate different icon options though. The coffee icon doesn't really fit in with the more minimalist black firefox icons.
  • Works well except it can't do two things that its predecessor could -
    • Load a local page from a file path (file:///c:/folder/htmlfiles/pagename.html)
    • Load a Javascript bookmarklet
  • Funktioniert nicht!! Beim anclicken der Tasse pasiert nichts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • perfecto, just like the old one.
  • Loved the predecessor. Can't get this one to open, load, accept URLs or anything. Just a coffee cup that does nothing when you click on it.
  • Crashes firefox repeatedly when selecting the Morning Cup icon to open daily tabs. Just awful, in particular in comparison with previous version of the extension.
  • It works pretty awesome for me. I used the predecessor for a long time and liked it a lot. Also started to write my own version after the switch to quantum - but I am not a very decent developer. So now I am happy that I discovered the new version. Thanks a lot, I know it is quite a lot of work!
  • Not as good as the original. Keeps resetting back to "Sunday" eventhough I change it to "Everyday".... sticking with Today's Pages.

    *Edit (reply to developer):

    I enter in the sites I want to open up with the extension. I then click on which every day and set it to "Everyday" and click "Save" when I go back into the settings it has reset itself back to "Sunday".. this happened every time.

    Sorry I am very bad at explaining things.
    That's strange. I can't duplicate what you're seeing. Can you give me a step-by-step of what you're trying? If there's a bug, I'm willing to fix it!
  • I really miss the original Morning Coffee. This is a decent replacement, BUT it was hard to figure out how to set it up initially - the instructions are hard to find and hard to understand. Secondly, I still cannot figure out how to make adjustments in the settings. It would help if there were clear instructions in the description and a note about how to contact the developer with questions. (I only happened to discover that the developer responds to comments in reviews.)

    It works, sort of, but is certainly not as easy to use as the original version. Hopefully, the developer will improve it over time.
    I'm sorry that it seems to be difficult to get going. The add-on page has screenshots showing how to add sites, and links to a homepage (which also includes an FAQ) and support email under "More Information". Is there something you would recommend including on the add-on's page?

    If you're trying to get to the Options page and change things there, here's how to do that:

    1. In the Firefox menu, go to Tools -> Add-ons. (Or click Ctrl+Shift+A).
    2. Ensure you are in the Extensions submenu (the Extensions and puzzle piece icon on the left side of the screen should be blue); if you are not, click Extensions.
    3. Find Morning Coffee Quantum in your list of extensions, and click the Options button to the right of its description.
    4. Make your desired changes. Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom afterwards!

    I hope this helps. If you need more information about something, don't hesitate to ask.