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  • When I try to do anything with media keys it only pauses my player. It does not matter if I change the settings, reinstall the add-on or w/e.
  • In Spanish keyboard, it only obeys to the dieresis key. Despite having specified a custom shortcut.
  • Play/Pause Works, but only when Firefox is selected. Forward and Backward don't work at all.
  • Legendary. Makes streaming at work viable again. Thanks!
  • The browser has to be in focus for the media keys to register!

    Like, wtf is the point of having this add-on, even???
    You can't use it when playing a game, or streaming, or, like I said, when you don't have the browser in focus.

    Absolutely WORTHLESS add-on, IMO.

    For those of you who want to watch/listen to Youtube content while playing a game, use MPC-BE, copy the link location, add the link to the media player and use the media keys to control it. (I can only get pause/play, mute and volume to work, not next/previous.)
  • The Skipping buttons doesnt work, all it does is pause the videos.
  • Does what it needs to do, very useful for headphone users with touchscreen
  • I read the description, and I understand that it's not the plugin's fault, but it really does suck how Firefox decided to complicate things like this. Now you can only play/pause, no next/previous track! 5 stars and a donation if this gets fixed. So sick of going back to the music tab.
  • Installed. Restarted Firefox. It just works. 5/5!
  • Installed this so I can use the play and pause feature on my Bluetooth headphones works like a charm. Previous / Next doesn't work with YouTube playlists from my experience but I can't imagine that being too far away.
  • Doesn't work with firefox
  • Doesn't work on my mac (at least for Google Play Music)
  • I was so enthusiastic when I pressed play/pause immediately after installing this extension. But so disappointed when I pressed previous/next to see that it doesn't work. Other media keys act as if you had pressed play/pause. Too bad, could you please do something to fix this ? Please don't force me to install Evil-Google-Chrome ;) (in Chrome it works out of the box :/ )
    Windows 10, Firefox v66 (quantum), standard good old (more old actually) Logitech keyboard.
    Unfortunately that's an issue with Firefox itself. I've been looking through their code the last couple days to see if I can fix it, but it's looking like a pretty major change so it'll probably be several months before it gets approved. They've had an outstanding bug for over two years to fix this problem, which is why I'm working on it myself.