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  • quiero probar pero no me deja
  • I use LavaFox Purple, and reviewed that , but this part applies to every ZigBoom Theme.
    LavaFox/BlacFox are Awesome Themes, that Mozilla's "Chrome" Quantum (Firefox v57+) have abandoned, alongside many of mu must have extensions. Thing is they are must have's Quantum isn't, so I ditched it, for Pale Moon.
    This gives some info on keeping your Zigboom Theme.

    ZigBoom's Facebook Post
    -=< The Future of Firefox Themes >=-

    Mozilla announced that Firefox will stop supporting themes when version 57 hits the official channel. Since there are no signs of new theme API, Mozilla is disabling all 3rd party themes on the next version bump.
    Our themes LavaFox & BlackFox will keep supporting other Firefox Forks, mainly Waterfox & Pale Moon.
    The latest theme versions are fully compatible with Waterfox and will keep updating.
    Pale Moon is supported with themes version 2.5.0. Special version will be uploaded to Pale Moon's add-on site as soon as possible.
    All the themes are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4710003/

    Previous Versions Links
    So that answers my future concerns, and only leaves the Pale Moon's current v2.5.0 requirement.
    I've worked out the Previous versions link is same format used for the Extensions.
    You Simply add, the next line to any Add-ons base page address

    LavaFox V2-Green (Main Page Address)

    Adding the versions section, make sure to add a leading "/" if your Firefox address is missing it

    LavaFox V2-Green Version History

    Install v2.5.0, for Pale Moon until Zigboom can provide the custom Pale Moon Themes, which will be posted here
  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.
    Thanks for your review ! Firefox blocks all 3rd party themes & legacy add-ons at version 57. You can try Waterfox, it's fully compatible.
  • I've been using this add-on for quite some time now and all the other LavaFox designs, and I have to say it is my favorite of all time! I would really appreciate it if these could still be supported with Webextension
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Unfortunately Mozilla does not let us upload themes for version 57, while not publishing a new (and limited) theme API yet !
    We think it's disrespectful to us theme-developers and to our 10's of thousands of users, but we can't do anything about this.
    Luckily, Waterfox 55 is great and it will continue supporting "legacy" add-ons and themes (and web extensions it seems).
    The latest theme version 2.5.3 is perfectly working with Waterfox, and version 2.5.0 works with Pale Moon. We will keep supporting at least these 2 forks.
  • I've been using this add-on since probably 2007-2008. Whenever Mozilla updates FF & breaks the add-on, I just shoot a msg to the publisher (ZigBoom) & they always come through. If you guys enjoy this add-on, PLEASE do support ZigBoom! But be aware that FF will be dropping support for these add-ons around FF 57.0
    Thanks for your support !
    I agree with every word .. we do our best but FF chose to stop all XUL add-ons and 3rd party themes ! Nightly is already at version 56 so the end is near .. we have no motivation to fully support every little change in the UI (on versions 54-56) knowing it will all finish so soon. Our efforts are shifting to other Firefox forks and to Chrome forks.
    We are currently supporting Pale Moon browser (with version 2.5.0 of the themes) and will keep supporting it.
    We already have LavaChrome for Google Chrome, will keep supporting it.
    Firefox of course will not be supported from version 57, unless they will publish a new theme API as promised, probably a similar to Google Chrome's theme API.
    See you soon on the Pale Moon ;-)
  • latest update breaks tabs on bottom...other than that been using this happily for a long time
  • Not perfect, but looks nice.
  • Sure love your Firefox Theme!...
    Can u make one pink for the girls... just asking...
    Thank-You for making these awesome themes!
    Thanks for your review !
    Regarding more colors, currently there's not enough time to maintain more versions, in the future hopefully, pink is on top of the list .. ;)
  • Muito legal.
  • Awesome!
  • Easily my favorite theme for firefox, beautiful and subtle. It really adds to the visual appeal but doesn't POP to where it's almost blinding when the window first opens.
  • one word : super
  • Hi, I'm having a kind of inconvenient, it turns out that the LavaFox theme is installed but the buttons didn't change and with the older versions it did, I'd like to know how can I fix it or what can you do to help me.

    Thanks a lot.
    Thanks for the 5* and feedback.
    Please post in the forum and I'll help, it's impossible to track bugs here in the reviews section. Please attach a screenshot.
    You can also send a support request through:
  • I actually made an account on here to write a review for this.
    Ever since I first got Mozilla, I stuck with your LavaFox themes. I just changed from blue to green, and I love the change!

    If I have one thing, it's that I ask that you make a version with a darker shade of green.
    Thanks very much for a very nice review! It's really nice to get such feedback.
    Regarding additional color versions, unfortunately I'm too busy with other things so I can only maintain the existing themes at the moment. Hopefully one day the LavaFox family will expand.
  • I love the theme!! The green stands out nice and powerfully against the black background!!
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Please send a support request:
  • amazing theme!!!
  • This is great! This is my favorite theme. I think you should make some way to tell the minimize, maximize, and close buttons apart.
  • Love the look this and the other colors give my browser and buttons. Great job keep up the good work and Thank You.
  • This is a good looking addon. I was a bit hesitant because green isn't always the most flattering color. It is green-smoke colored in some areas and the almost-black background is easy on your eyes.
  • изящтна е
  • Ya a good one
  • FF 3.6 / Linux Mint 10 64bit

    Navigation bar is white and the text is pale. Probably an issue with the above combo though because even stylish can't seem to fix it. Still, it's borked and I really liked this theme and wanted to use it..
    There's no way I can help to fix bugs here in the reviews section, please post a support request and include screenshots & any relevant info.

  • nickel
  • These themes are nice but I really wished they'd NOT have those background texture in the bar area at the top, on any screen. I really wished it were just black instead, in my opinion I think it'd look better.

    Other then that it's great.
  • This is another one of my favorite themes. It is great. The globes rotating and the loading meter are fantastic. This theme has flare. Excellent work Zigboom!