480 отзывов
  • Irreplaceable and a must have !
  • A melhor opção no Firefox! Excelente!
  • incredible
  • No longer works on any site. Cleared cache and whatnot but it didn't help.
  • Works perfectly for me. Thank you so much!
  • add-on is (as i found so far) the best for firefox. but, i have problem/or i do not understand - when i stay with mouse on image (and i do not know it's real size), it is shown yellow spinning circle (somekind of propeler), and it stays so for a eternity. not shown picture, not shown some error or information ("this picture is too big", or something similar).
    is that bug, feature or i didn't settid it right?
  • This extension is one of the best out there on the store. I recommend this to anyone who seeks for a better surf experience.
  • Please add support for site gamefaqs.gamespot.com