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  • I don't know if it worked with previous versions but it surely does not work with the current Firefox. I am on Google images and toggle and reload and still see all images.
  • Great !!
  • Works great!
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  • I'm using the Firefox Quantum 65.0.2, and it seems to be very good at blocking images. Some sites are nearly impossible to read any more with images constantly loading. Thank you for writing this app for us.
  • Works well to stop images from loading in a page, speeds up loading of pages where you only want to see the text.
  • With Firefox 42.0, it works. For Firefox 52.8.1 and 62.0, it does not. If images are blocked, pages seems to load forever. If you open the Windows Task Manager, Memory Usage goes up and goes back down again, and continue (sometimes continues to grow forever). As soon as you select Display Images, the page will be loaded with images displayed.
  • one of the most useful addons around
  • It sucks! Only set permissions.default.image (about:config) to 2 blocks images in a Reader View (F9).
  • no effect on pages,nothing hides, is it a addon? dont fool us, cheaters
    it sure works for the rest of us, calling names won't work! What FF version & platform are you using? Did you toggle to enable the blocking?
  • Faster browsing and no distractions, but should remove more image kinds.
  • Just what I wanted. Simple and easy. I was making a hotspot with my phone data and wanted save my data while browsing.
  • Version 5.0 is suck ver 3.1 better

    When is activated the load page it is not finished and after when it is disabled it completes the load page with the image. it is not effective when using many tabs

    When I use ver 3.1 there is no such problem
    You are rating the addon as poor when your review has noting to do with the addon. If you feel firefox quantum is slower than earlier firefox versions, better tell the firefox developer team!
  • it was very good, essential, addon... but it's not updated since 2010?
    I did update it in 2016 again... Anyway the new version works with Quantum. Give it a try, let me know if it works
  • FF 57.0 not supported........please update such a great add-on
    Updated version now available