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  • Fantastic
  • The only replacement for xmarks I've seen that's worth anything, that said it doesn't sync automatically, but you can enable a option for on the sync page to do it every 30min. A few more hoops you have to go through versus xmarks, but it's the best alternative I've come acrossed thus far.
  • This used to be a very helpful add-on. But now it's changed, without ever notifying me - so that my server backups are now a "hostage", and I can only get them if I pay for a Pro account? Wow. It's unheard of!
  • 挺好的,firefox、chrome都能用,最重要是免费
  • Since 6 month it s a crap , even worse since september , Speed dial crash 2 weeks ago every day
    So you have to back up find half you new bookmarks deleted or not in the good place?
    And then try for an hour to retreive what you had
    A year ago I would have given a 4 star alas there's problems upon problems since the change i
    n firefox new modules from this year
    I dont even know if they have noticed it
  • (1) It will remove your local bookmark toolbars and never restore it (2) It will not sync with Chrome. Not a replacement of the xmarks which is no longer functional.
  • Not working! I can't sign in...