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  • I can't sign in... ?
  • It messes with my bookmarks EVERYTIMES! Deletes the new ones and duplicates the old ones. HORRIBLE! I haven't time to go through all my bookmarks all the time, and find the new ones in History to add them back. UNISTALLED!

    Works way better with Speed Dial synch!
  • Fantastic
  • The only replacement for xmarks I've seen that's worth anything, that said it doesn't sync automatically, but you can enable a option for on the sync page to do it every 30min. A few more hoops you have to go through versus xmarks, but it's the best alternative I've come acrossed thus far.
  • This used to be a very helpful add-on. But now it's changed, without ever notifying me - so that my server backups are now a "hostage", and I can only get them if I pay for a Pro account? Wow. It's unheard of!