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  • Just so useful. With Chrome getting more and more bloated, I've been trying out Firefox. Now I use both, one as my work based browser and the other to have a few personal pages open (my email, Facebook etc.). This is a great way to know any bookmarks are kept up to date ni both browsers.
    Just brilliant in the way it works.
  • Grabbed ALL bookmarks from every identity in Chrome, added them to the other identities, jumbled them up, added them to my FF and erased the ones from my wife's identity in Chrome on my desktop. Chrome then synced her "new" bookmarks (mine) and erased hers from her Chrome sync.

    THEN when adding ALL of my bookmarks from each account to the others, EverSync copied the folders, but placed the bookmarks OUTSIDE of the folders. Genius.

    You know, I thought, "Surely the 1 star reviews must be skewed somehow. The other users probably did something wrong. I'm smarter than they are." My bad. And don't call me Shirley.

    I see the "Report for abuse" button. Can I "Report for terrible design" instead?
  • it's simply awesome keep and organize all bookmarks we wants in cloud! thank you very much friends
  • Больше всего я боялся того, что это расширение при синхронизации будет терять закладки. В итоге так и случилось - 2 месяца назад я потерял огромную папку с закладками и обнаружил это только сейчас. Восстановить их к счастью получится благодаря собственным бэкапам файрфокса.
  • Good All of your brain
  • отлично!!! двумя тремя кликами залил вместо старых закладок в фаерфоксе, новую версию из хрома... очень доволен! молодцы
  • Honest.
  • I was on Chrome for a short while but the first thing - geting back to Firefox I looked for Nimbus - it helps what ever browser you have - now that I am back with Firefox AND Everhelper I'm not moving again