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  • Great app!
    Reliable and convenient. 10 out of 10.
  • I Like this.
  • I used xmarks for a long time until it stopped working. This addon was the only usable replacement to manage my bookmarks!
  • after xmarks this is the choice. it works... most of the time. as the only solution I would not recommend. have the backup ready or/and use the backup feature of eversync.
    things that can go wrong
    - merge: creates duplicates
    - takes as long as 40sek (usual) up to 15min (at the moment) up to never finishes (on occasion)
    things that would help you as addition
    - bookmark manager third party
    - FFs import / export as a backup
    - FF freeze
    do not
    - use it with FFs Sync
    it will not
    - currate duplicates
    - sort or edit or manage
    it is possible (with pro)
    - to store you backups online
  • There needs to be a way to set a schedule for syncing. The syncing now slows my pc to a crawl. It stops all streaming and surfing with extreme interference. I have to constantly go to the extensions and manually turn the ext. off and on. I should be able to schedule syncing when I am asleep. This the only negative with this program. There could be some improvements such as groups within groups so to categorize groups. This would be so helpful.
  • Works very well, I wish it could save passwords too...