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  • Funktioniert nicht mehr, Anmeldung nicht mehr möglich, auch nicht mit Passwort-Änderung. SCHROTT
  • Does not work when third party cookies are disabled. Does not work with privacy.firstparty.isolate;true.
  • This works exactly as it's advertised. I have the pro version on my extension, which removes the limitations of the free mode. It's only about $5/mo for pro, however that is a totally optional feature to get for this. I still give it 5 stars cause I think it's great, pro or free mode... :)
  • I was happy with it until they took sync out of the options. There is literally no use for it now. Such a shame.
  • Works great on desktop. That said, it's abysmal on mobile.
  • Won't accept my password -- I can't sync the bookmarks. I can access mybookmarks on the web, though.
  • This extension is EXACTLY what I needed. It works perfectly, instantly and flawlessly. My bookmarks are now in sync across Chrome and Firefox and I love it!
  • Reliable. Good handling and UI.
  • I love, love Firefox, Mozilla and have used for years, until for some reason it actually quit working with one of my Windows Platforms, so quit using for awhile. Now I'm back and liking what I see!!
  • Good management of links.
  • Not easy to use, several dials which i deleted in my browser wont be deleted on the server and some dials which i made are not on the server. it seems to be a little odd.
  • One of the extensions I use and rely on most often.

    It is a great tool!
  • I have found it easy to create situations in which bookmark folders multiply seemingly indefinitely.
    I think small differences in the bookmark hierarchy in the various connected browser instances can cause the same folders to be added because they are perceived as unique even though their names and contents are identical. I solved this issue by disabling manual synchronizing.
  • It works.
  • Can't log into my account on firefox only on chrome, making firefox unable to sync bookmarks.
  • This is a must have! Having suffered a computer crash or two or ten, I've known the frustration of losing all the favorite sites I've saved. Never again! I recently had a PC update that caused all kinds of problems, leaving me to do a system restore. Installed my browser, then EverSync extension, logged into it and BOOM! everything back. Simply love that this is out there and hope everyone appreciate what the developer(s) have given us! And its available for multiple browsers and you can use it across Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. A huge plus!!!
  • Fácil de usar. Configuración intuitiva. Sitio Web con acceso al backup.
  • Just not 5 stars, because the interface is not very pretty.
  • Suddenly I have only 3 bookmarks left, and there is no available local backups in my work computer. And I also found that in another browser which bookmarks haven't been deleted, there are some bookmarklets's url become "http://incorrecturl/"