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  • Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you
  • No es como era Xmarks, pero cumple su cometido, además de ser muy rápido y funcional
  • Simply perfect...
  • Had trouble at first, customer service really helped me out. Firefox stopped auto syncing bookmarks 6 months ago so Refreshing wasn't an option. They helped me create a new profile and Firefox synced to that, which I used to sync to EverSync.
  • 无法登陆并同步。
  • It used to work nicely, now it won't even let me log into the blasted thing. "An error occurred, please go back to login screen," which is even worse than the previous unexplained "sync failed" error message.

    Rather irritating as I can't find an alternate simple plug-in/extension that goes back and forth between FireFox and Chrome.

    [EDIT - Added a few stars, the "fix" is to enable all cookies but 'tracking' cookies in Firefox]
  • stable, works great, a lifesaver
  • Using it for a very long time and totally satisfied!!