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  • Easy to configure if you already have a VPN account service that gives you a socks.vpn.service.😂
    I sell socks5.vpn.service and can match competitor prices. Purchasing from me is the best way to support this software.
  • Best proxy extension available. It is regularly updated. And the developer keeps adding features, very nice. I'd like the ability to add global black list pattern and also add patterns from the log screen.
  • Great plugin.
    After upgrading to Firefox version 71.0 (on a mac) the plugin stopped working. I removed it and reinstalled it and now it works great again.
  • Addon stop working after update to firefox 71.0 (64-bit), after selecting my proxy title no changes and keep displaying as disabled.
    I've gotten many complaints about this. FoxyProxy did not change but Firefox did. Can you please uninstall and then reinstall FoxyProxy? Hopefully that fixes the problem. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer.